The Business Impact of Cyberattacks in Retail

Learn why the retail industry has the most data breaches and how you can protect your business.

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Webinar Overview

In an effort to leverage data-driven technologies to improve customer reach, boost sales, and increase productivity, retailers open themselves to new threats. The digital economy brings cashless transactions, inventory management tech, and the broad deployment of point-of-sale (POS) systems processing personal data. These, however, create security backdoors to organizations which make retail industry an irresistible target for cyber-attacks. A possible data breach may result in loss of profit through operational disruption that could lead to reputation damage and loss in customer trust.

In this webinar you will learn why the retail industry has the most data breaches and how you can protect your business

Discussion Topics

Why the retail industry is an irresistible target for attackers.

The business impact of cyberattacks in retail.

Why cybersecurity should be part of the board agenda.

How retailers can protect their business and become cyber resilient.

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Our Speakers

Apostolos Pandroulas

Apostolos Pandroulas

General Manager, Greece

Giannis Simos

Managed Detection & Response Manager



Alexandros Kaniklides

Manager, IthacaLabs™
Threat Risk Assessment

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