Eleftherios Antoniades Interview

Eleftherios Antoniades, interview in “Προσωπικότητες” TV show, in Capital channel

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Odyssey’s (beyond) Advisory Services provide a holistic 360 approach to Information Security and Risk Management designed to effectively address the digital risks posed during and after organizations Digital Transformation journey. This approach, which not only complements but also enhances organization’s Operational Risk Management effort, delivers the level of assurance required to securely conduct their business in the digital era.


Cloudera Success Story

Exposing Cyber-Threats with Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

The Rise of Cyber Attacks in Cyprus: On Demand

H ραγδαία αύξηση των κυβερνοεπιθέσεων στην Κύπρο:

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Managed Security Line of Services

Odyssey’s Managed Security Services: The answer to the the cybersecurity skill & expertise gap

ClearSkies Incorporating the power of Big Data Security Analytics

Terabytes of data, heterogeneous data sources and mandatory compliance requirements can overwhelm an organization.
Award-winning ClearSkies Big Data Security Analytics Platform and ClearSkies Next Generation SIEM address the challenges that modern organizations are faced with,
by improving their detection and response capabilities to targeted attacks and data breaches, and protecting their information assets while adhering to complex compliance requirements.