The unprecedented coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the resulting restrictions transformed the businesses in a matter of a few weeks. To maintain business continuity and service quality, companies around the world adapted quickly to embrace remote operations and other flexibility procedures. In many cases, not only has this maintained their effectiveness, but it has also improved it.

In March, when social distancing measures were imposed, we made a commitment to our customers to maintain our service value to the levels they were used to, with zero compromise or added risk to them. This involved following our disaster plans and emergency protocols already in place that ensure uninterrupted service by deploying the right systems, processes and people. Not only did we keep our promise, but we managed to further increased our efficiency and collective output.

As predicted, the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and the subsequent newly applied remote working practices have increased the risk of data breaches due to a widened cyberattack surface beyond organizational cyber defenses. Such data breaches can severely undermine business continuity and brand reputation in a time when they are more critical than ever.

However, we were prepared and proactive during this time. We remained committed to stay by our customers’ side with unwavering resolve to maintain and improve our service quality to address the demands of these changing times.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely as it unfolds. We intend to stay proactive in the technology and processes we use to ensure that the value we provide to our customers stays unimpeded.

Our motivation is our responsibility to our customers and our people as a regional leader in providing cybersecurity solutions and services. We will keep you updated.

Thank you, and stay safe.

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