Assess your ability to stop, contain and mitigate attacks


Odyssey’s IthacaLabs™ Threat Research & Assessment services help your organization Identify, Quantify and Prioritize Vulnerabilities and configuration Weaknesses found in your mission-critical systems, applications, IoT, network and security devices, whether in the cloud and/or on-premises. Through IthacaLabs™ Threat Research & Assessment services, you are able to assess your organization’s readiness, resilience, risk level and response capabilities in stopping, containing and mitigating targeted attacks.

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is a systematic process of identifying, quantifying and prioritizing the vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses in a system in order to improve the security posture of an organization and reduce security liabilities by protecting systems and data from unauthorized access and data breaches.

Vulnerability Scanning

PCI ASV Scanning Services

Ethical Hacking Exploitation Exercises

An Ethical Hacking Exploitation exercise is a simulation of real-world attacks that involves authorized persons’ use of attacking methods simulating hostile intruders’ techniques to help organizations optimize their return on investment while offering highly customized and tailored solutions that suit their individual needs.

External Penetration Testing

Internal Penetration Testing

Tailored Penetration Testing

Security Configuration Audit

A Secure Configuration audit is a detailed review and verification of the configuration settings of security devices and network components including also Cloud Security, to measure the security effectiveness of the IT environment.

 Configuration Audit for security & network equipment

Cloud Risk Assessment

Beyond Threat Risk Assessment Services

Threat Risk Assessment Services consist of a bundle of exercises tailored to your organization’s specific needs to help you measure your cyber resilience and security awareness while assisting you in responding to cyber incidents..

Red Teaming for readiness & resilience

Social Engineering

Incident Response & Digital Forensics Ad-Hoc Assessment

Security Architecture/Configuration Effectiveness Assessment


Red Team Services


Uncover your technological and procedural weaknesses before they are spotted by real threat actors.

Acquire Odyssey’s Red Teaming engagement to help improve the effectiveness of your Resilience, Readiness and Response capabilities against the constantly evolving cyber-threat landscape




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