In an environment where business success is highly dependent on the interconnectedness of people, processes, and technology, the business risk landscape has changed. New threats have evolved which expose an organization’s vulnerabilities and threaten the security of its information. Any business that values the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of its information should operate within a security framework, which is constantly evaluated and improved.

Odyssey’s range of solutions and services adopts a 4-phase Information Security Continuum (ISC) with the goal of maximizing the effectiveness of our customers’ security investment, leaving no room for loose ends and weak links.

Cybersecurity management involves the development, deployment and ongoing monitoring and review of a combination of preventivedetective and responsive processes and controls. It is a cycle of iterative processes and activities where each phase feeds into the other, so that an organization’s cybersecurity framework remains efficient and effective over time.

The cycle begins with the Test & Assess phase during which the technical and procedural controls in place (or lack thereof) are being tested and assessed. This engagement leads to the Design & Implement phase, where the additional measures and controls required to minimize the risk gap are designed and implemented. In the Monitor & Respond phase, the organization capitalizes on its new cybersecurity implementations and enhances its monitoring activities to ensure that any threat alerts raised are quickly identified and effectively addressed. Organizations tend to enter the Outsourcing phase when they realize that it is more productive for them to focus on their core competencies, and to outsource the management of the entire, or parts, of their cybersecurity infrastructure/framework and its round-the-clock monitoring to a Managed Security Services (MSS) provider. The iteration of this cyclical process can be repeated as many times as needed.

Maintaining high operational performance while meeting mandatory compliance requirements can be a daunting task for an organization in today’s rapidly evolving world of information. New opportunities from technological advancements carry new inherent threats, and therefore, cybersecurity baselines need to timely adapt.

The Information Security Continuum (ISC) framework responds to this dynamic cyber environment by empowering organizations to regularly reassess and reevaluate their cybersecurity strategy and infrastructure, and to adjust to current threats accordingly. Odyssey™ specializes in this continuous process of assessing and swiftly remodeling your organization’s policies and/or infrastructure to achieve an enhanced up-to-date security posture and compliance.

Test & Assess

Our Information Security Continuum (ISC) approach begins with testing and assessing the organization’s cybersecurity exposure, either on a technical or procedural level. This initial step helps in identifying, analyzing and evaluating the impact that existing vulnerabilities and/or procedures may have on your organization’s cybersecurity baseline. The outcome of these engagements serves as a basis for enforcing those security measures and guidelines required to establish a security framework within your organization, which directly reflects its risk appetite. 

In this stage, OdysseyTM assists you in defining the scope, and undertaking the execution,of a series of assessment exercises. These may include system and/or network security reviews, network and/or systems infrastructure assessments, cybersecurity risk assessments and/or penetration tests, as well as other assessment engagements.

After assisting you in evaluating a list of risk considerations, we then facilitate a business impact analysis process, which points out assets in need of protection, vulnerabilities associated with each asset, their relative importance, and each asset's priority ranking for urgency and required level of protection. This process identifies appropriate controls and measures, which should be enforced over your information assets, demonstrating security management due diligence. Most importantly, this process makes sure that these controls and measures are directly aligned with your business objectives, clearly reflecting your organization’s cybersecurity appetite, thus ensuring maximal return on your cybersecurity investment.


  • ClearSkies
    Services Test & Assess Design & Implement Monitor & Respond Outsource Consulting
  • Managed Security Services
    Services Test & Assess Design & Implement Monitor & Respond Outsource Consulting
    Managed Web Application Firewall
    Managed Enterprise Mobility
    Managed Web Browsing & Content Filtering
    Managed Email Security & Encryption
    Managed Denial of Service
    Managed Intrusion Detection & Prevention
    Co-Managed SIEM
    Enterprise Network Monitoring
    Security Monitoring & Event Management
    Vulnerability Management
    Managed Firewall/UTM Management
  • Information Security
    Services Test & Assess Design & Implement Monitor & Respond Outsource Consulting
    User Activity Monitoring
    Security Policy Management
    Secure Remote Access
    Web Application Firewall
    Security File Activity Monitoring & Protection
    Denial of Service
    Web Browsing & Content Security
    Intrusion Prevention
    Email Security & Encryption
    Database Auditing & Protection
    Threat Emulation
    Privileged Identity Management
  • Network Infrastructure
    Services Test & Assess Design & Implement Monitor & Respond Outsource Consulting
    Enterprise Mobility Management
    Endpoint Security
    Network Access Control
    Unified Communication
    Network & Application Capacity & Reliability
    WAN Acceleration & Optimization
  • Governance, Compliance & Risk Management
    Services Test & Assess Design & Implement Monitor & Respond Outsource Consulting
    Risk Assessment
    Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
    Security Policies and Procedures
    Security Awareness
    ISO 27001 Consulting Services
    PCI DSS Consulting & Certification
  • IthacaLabs
    Services Test & Assess Design & Implement Monitor & Respond Outsource Consulting
    Security Architecture / Configuration Effectiveness Assessment
    Wireless Network Penetration Test
    Managed Database Auditing & Protection
    Mobile Application Vulnerability Assessment
    Systems & Applications Hardening
    Secure Code Review
    PCI ASV Scanning
    Incident Response & Digital Forensics
    Social Engineering
    Ethical Hacking (Black & White Box)
    Red Teaming Services by IthacaLabs™
    Vulnerability Assessment