Ethical Hacking (Black & White Box)

Sophisticated cyberattacks constantly evolve and can easily avoid detection, hide their malicious activity and exploit seemingly insignificant vulnerabilities. Simulating an attack under controlled conditions is probably the best way to realize how intruders could actually approach your network and also reveal the actual risk posed to your company by a potential compromise. An Ethical Hacking exercise is a simulation of real-world attacks that involves authorized persons’ use of attacking methods simulating hostile intruders’ techniques.


Ethical Hacking is designed to answer how effective your existing security controls are against an active, human, skilled cybercriminal in the real world. Ethical Hacking exercises focus on the external perimeter of the organization and proactively identify critical exposures in operating systems, services and applications across your enterprise. If your organization, system or network is targeted, the resulting security breach can be devastating and could cause multidimensional damage to your entire organization.

What we can do for you

Odyssey’s Ethical Hacking services help you optimize your return on investment while offering highly customized and tailored solutions that suit your individual needs. Our IthacaLabs™ team of experts, by acting as a malicious intruder or attacker, identify, map and assess vulnerabilities that could potentially bypass your organization’s perimeter security controls. They do so without having physical access to your premises or prior knowledge of your IT setup (Black-Box). Additionally, tests can also be performed assuming full knowledge of your systems’ architecture (White-Box), thus producing more comprehensive results.



Provide an independent view of the effectiveness of your existing security posture, making sure that patching and configuration management practices have been followed correctly, and identifying the most risk-exposed routes into your organization


IthacaLabs™ team of experts comprise the competent, qualified members who undertake the hardening process of your operating systems, applications and security controls


IthacaLabs™ team of experts identify, map and assess vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited to bypass your organization’s perimeter security controls, uncovering gaps in security policy


Continuous streamlining of Ethical Hacking testing policy, for addressing an organization’s specific needs, objectives and emerging cyber-threats


Penetration Test reports can be helpful in the training process of your cybersecurity professionals that manage projects or internal infrastructure


Avoid recruitment and continuous training of highly skilled personnel

Our number-one priority is ensuring that our Services fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations

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