Security Awareness

Organizations invest significant financial resources in implementing technical security solutions in order to contain, minimize or even eliminate cybersecurity risks. At the same time, they seem to ignore that, for the majority of cases, the greatest risk of exposure to an organization’s information security is not a weakness in their technology infrastructure but rather their own employees’ activity, which may lead to security incidents and vulnerability loopholes.


A pivotal part of ensuring effectiveness of the organization’s cybersecurity program is personnel security awareness, which enables the employees of an organization to gain a solid understanding of security policies, procedures and best practices. It is of vital importance that organizations have a security awareness program in place, because each and every member can be a potential cyberattack victim or an assailant, even involuntarily. It is for this reason that they have to be consistently and adequately trained so they are able to properly identify, fend off and report suspected cyberattacks they come across.

What we can do for you

Odyssey’s Security Training and Awareness Services can bring real value to any organization’s Security Awareness implementation project. Our expert advisory and practical guidance is performed by certified professionals with extensive experience, who will provide you with hands on assistance and insight in setting up an effective training or awareness campaign that is aligned with best practices. It is imperative that your employees understand the security risks inherent in their daily tasks. Educating employees ensures that they become capable of properly handling a security incident, thus significantly reducing your cyber risk.



Lower security risk level by educating your staff to recognize and respond appropriately to real and potential security incidents


Avoid recruitment and continuous training of highly skilled personnel coupled with the decrease of administrative, helpdesk and security support costs


Thoroughly assess your current security posture compared to best practices, compliance requirements and peer organizations; practical recommendations for improvements and enhancements are provided


Allow your organization to comply with regulations that require cybersecurity awareness training (ISO 27001, PCI DSS, etc.)


Identify operation areas ‘of high risk concentration’ within the organization


Provide fresh information to keep your staff updated on new risks and how to handle them


Better utilize the organization’s technology investment

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