Secure Access Management


Nowadays, cyber-attacks are becoming even more sophisticated and persistent in their attempts to penetrate your security posture, seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in order to achieve unauthorized access and move alongside your environment freely. Odyssey’s Secure Access Management solutions help you prevent those breaches by diligently placing security controls to detect, alert, protect, monitor and respond to all suspicious activity, ensuring that no threat alert goes unnoticed and untreated.

Privileged Identity Management

Privileged accounts exist on every server and operating system, business application, database, web service and network appliance in your organization. They allow anyone with access to them to control organizational resources, disable security systems and manage vast amounts of sensitive data. The abuse of such super-user accounts is expected to intensify in the near future because cyberattacks such as 0-day attacks focus on exploiting unsecured privileged credentials to move inside your environment freely.

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