Email Security & Encryption

Email is the most common form of communication for businesses, especially outside their firewalls. For this reason, Email Encryption has become an operational necessity in today’s competitive digital business environment. It is designed to protect the confidentiality and integrity of email messages and attachments while in transit or storage.


Email systems are undeniably valuable communication tools, but if not properly safeguarded, can become a major security challenge. Organizations are exposed to a plethora of cyber-threats such as email-born viruses/malware/Trojans, phishing attacks, spam and identity theft. Lastly, the exchange of confidential information via email, demands the employment of effective Email Security & Encryption solutions, which will ensure the security and privacy of organizational email communications and will facilitate accurate monitoring and auditing.


Our Email Security & Encryption solutions share the following minimum characteristics:
Optimize Operational Effectiveness
Email exchange is transparently encrypted based on regulatory compliance and/or corporate security policy requirements
Monitoring of suspected or actual attacks is presented in real time, generating at the same time compliance reports and alerts. Moreover, recipients can view their encrypted email through the secure reader, an easy-to-use and customizable web-based interface
Minimize Risk
By blocking emails exchanged between colleagues and/or customers containing cyber-threats, productivity is increased and the risk posed by such threats is minimized
Instrumental Reporting
Actionable views, event monitoring and reporting enable real-time monitoring of suspected or actual attack alerts and creation of reports for compliance purposes


Bi-Directional Protection
Both inbound and outbound comprehensive email protection. Every email is filtered in order to protect you against inbound malware, spam, phishing and (D)DoS attacks. Outbound filtering keeps sensitive data from leaving your organization, ensures that legitimate emails are delivered, and blocks outbound spam and viruses, preventing your employees or infected clients from unintentionally sending malicious email, as well as keeping your mail server IP addresses and domains away from being listed on spam block lists
The intelligent notification and alerting system is essential to respond to an incident the fastest way possible. Alerts can be delivered through various delivery methods (i.e. emails, syslog etc.) that can be configured to trigger for a particular email violation with predefined threshold parameters
Email Encryption
Integrated policy-enforced Email Encryption, using a combination of business-to-business (TLS, S/MIME, and OpenPGP) and business-to-consumer technologies (push or pull), ensures that even recipients without encryption capabilities can receive and reply to secure emails
Advanced Management & Scalability
Available as virtual appliance or hardware appliance, centralized management, message searching, reporting, and quarantines


Odyssey™ addresses your organization’s need to safeguard the productivity of your email communications while ensuring this does not present a risk to your sensitive information. Drawing from our ever-growing expertise, developed through our Technology Risk Solutions and Managed Security Services (MSS) divisions, we will begin with a comprehensive security audit and analysis that enables us to design and implement for you an Email Security & Encryption infrastructure that is both effective and manageable. Once we have a well-rounded understanding, we will propose the best-suited Email Security & Encryption solution that fits your environment.

Remaining Secure

Our suite of post-deployment services is designed to offer further enhancements to your network, systems and applications, as follows:

Maintenance & Support

Integration with ClearSkiesTM NG SIEM-as-a-Service

Full-fledged 24/7 Managed & Security Log monitoring

This solution comprises part of the “Test & Assess’’, ‘’Design & Implement”, ‘’Monitor & Respond’’ and ‘’Consulting’’ phases of our Information Security Continuum (ISC).

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