Data Loss Prevention

Massive amounts of data in various forms is being exchanged between organizations in the course of daily operations. Over the last few years, mostly due to rapid interspersing of information, organizations in every industry all over the world have seen their sensitive internal data lost, stolen or leaked out of their premises, exposing the organization to compliance penalties, loss of reputation and/or corporate value.


Organizations acknowledge that deploying necessary protective solutions is challenging. Some Data Loss Prevention (DLP) products require substantial effort to be deployed, and typically have large ongoing consulting costs. These products essentially rely on the security team’s ability of knowing everything about the data that needs to be protected. Inevitably, most organizations fall back on solutions that do not provide basic protection and offer little insight into ongoing data-related risks.


Our DLP solutions share the following minimum characteristics:
Comprehensive Data Protection
Capability to safeguard intellectual property and ensure compliance by protecting sensitive data wherever it resides—on the network, in storage systems or at the endpoint
Highly Effective
Capability to align DLP protection directly with organizational cybersecurity policy, thus enabling swift and effective deployment of organizational security frameworks
Simplified Management
Incorporated centralized administration ensures changes across the board and reduces management costs
Instrumental Reporting
Capability to generate purpose-built reports useful for both internal audit and legal/regulatory compliance


Unique Capture Technology
Provides visibility on how your data is being used and how it is leaking out of your organization. Forensic analysis on data loss events that occurred prior to creation of rules is also provided
Optimal Data Classification
Quickly identifies and classifies data that is important to each organization. It further prioritizes the remediation of critical compliance information and highly sensitive data over less critical data
Faster and simpler policies with tagging
Location and application tagging allows you achieve faster data protection. No prior knowledge of the file details is required
Activity Monitoring/Central management
Provides visibility into your organization’s security posture, enabling drill down for investigating specific security events and identify causes
Cost Effective
Reduces the overall operational cost associated with managing and maintaining the solution by allowing you to quickly gain an overview of your data security status, distribute policies, and delegate administrative roles as needed


The most critical aspect of the DLP solution is finding the balance between your staff’s ease of access to information and protection against data leaks. Drawing from our ever-growing expertise, developed through our Technology Risk Solutions and Managed Security Services (MSS) divisions, we devote the majority of our deployment effort in assisting your organization develop and enforce such a DLP policy that will achieve this balance.

Remaining Secure

Our suite of post-deployment services is designed to offer further enhancements to your network, systems and applications, as follows:

Maintenance & Support

Integration with ClearSkiesTM NG SIEM-as-a-Service

Full-fledged 24/7 Managed & Security Log monitoring

This solution comprises part of the “Test & Assess’’, ‘’Design & Implement”, ‘’Monitor & Respond’’ and ‘’Consulting’’ phases of our Information Security Continuum (ISC).

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