Network & Application Capacity & Reliability

Because of the ubiquity of the Internet in all aspects of business, it is vital that access to it is readily available and fully functional at all times. Business performance goes as far as network & application performance, and this is why modern organizations structure their entire business operation according to how well their networks & applications perform. Moreover, users now expect devices and applications they interact with daily to always function properly, and for related information to be instantly available on demand, relying on them as they do for their personal tasks and entertainment.


Network & Application Capacity & Reliability is vital because random incidents can overload applications, or even collapse an organization’s entire network, causing downtime. Not only is network & application downtime detrimental financially and productively, but it can also damage an organization’s reputation among customers and partners. Therefore, most organizations invest in suitable network infrastructure and application load balancer solutions to ensure that their data centers and remote offices are unaffected by disaster, and that their operational efficiency and network performance is boosted. This is accomplished by a flexible network & application delivery system, thus providing availability, security and high performance for critical business applications.


Our Network & Application Capacity & Reliability solutions, comprising Network Load Balancer and Application Load Balancer solutions, share the following minimum characteristics:
Optimal Protection
All network links are in continuous use, and require no intervention to reroute traffic in case a link goes down, while applications’ load is safely balanced and distributed
Highly Effective
Aggregating multiple connections while optimizing application performance reduces cost and increases availability. At the same time, optimal bandwidth for both downloads and uploads is guaranteed
Simplified Management
Easy installation using configuration wizards
Deployment Flexibility
The deployment model of the Network & Application Capacity & Reliability solution is designed to fit the organizational needs based on the existing environment, not any single vendor’s solution
Zero Downtime
Network Load Balancers and Application Load Balancers protect networks & applications by removing single points of failure, providing fine-grained bandwidth control and optimizing critical applications. This safeguards against costly downtime incidents
PCI-DSS compliant
The integrated Web Application Firewall of the Application Load Balancer empowers an organization to achieve PCI compliance while ensuring its applications run fast with low latency
Deployment Flexibility
The deployment model of the Network Load Balancer and Application Load Balancer solution is a tailor-made vendor-agnostic solution based on an organization’s individual existing environment


Traffic is automatically balanced across all available connections to eliminate congestion and application slowdowns
As traffic is re-routed in case of an outage, no intervention is needed to switch cables around; this enhances your customer's trust and boosts your organization's reputation
VPN Capabilities
Using the security that iPsec offers, VPN capabilities with the Network Load Balancer solution allow you to create virtual tunnels for securing communications between your remote employees and sites by encrypting user traffic (Internet or/and WAN)
Quality of Service & Traffic Shaping
Traffic is prioritized and controlled with the Network Load Balancer solution to enhance application and Internet browsing performance
Advanced L4 & L7 Load Balancing
Different load balancing modes are allowed by the Application Load Balancer solution to utilize the core high availability framework of the appliance
SSL Acceleration/Offload
Offloading SSL encryption with the Application Load Balancer solution can unlock significant resources from data center servers
Real-time Statistics
Intuitive dashboards on the web console provide useful information in real time
Integrated WAF functionality
The integrated WAF functionality of the Application Load Balancer solution provides protection to your applications and at the same time complies with PCI DSS


Odyssey™ addresses your organization’s need to maintain 100% uptime for your network and applications.

Drawing from our ever-growing expertise, which is being developed through our Network Infrastructure Solutions and Managed Security Services (MSS) divisions, we assess an organization’s needs based on their existing infrastructure, network architecture, applications and systems’ setup. As soon as a detailed evaluation is done, an individualized Network & Application Capacity & Reliability solution is proposed.

Remaining Secure

Our suite of post-deployment services is designed to offer further enhancements to your network, systems and applications, as follows:

Maintenance & Support

Integration with ClearSkiesTM NG SIEM-as-a-Service

Full-fledged 24/7 Managed & Security Log monitoring

This solution comprises part of the “Test & Assess’’, ‘’Design & Implement”, ‘’Monitor & Respond’’ and ‘’Consulting’’ phases of our Information Security Continuum (ISC).

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