Odyssey included in the SWIFT CSP Assessment Provider Directory

Odyssey is proud to announce its inclusion in the SWIFT CSP Assessment Provider Directory, which consists of companies with the right know-how in helping SWIFT customers to successfully achieve their attestation under the SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP).

As the digital threats faced by the financial sector continue to increase in number and sophistication during a continued expansion of the information-threat landscape, SWIFT users receive cyberattacks of increasing levels of complexity and unpredictability. The persistence of such threats underlines the importance of remaining vigilant and proactive in the long-term when it comes to information security and risk management.

While SWIFT users are responsible for protecting their own environments when accessing the SWIFT network, the Customer Security Programme (CSP) was introduced to support them by driving industry-wide collaboration in the fight against cyber fraud. The CSP establishes a common set of security controls, known as the Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF), which is designed to help users secure their local environments and foster a more secure financial ecosystem.


“Our inclusion in the SWIFT CSP Assessment Provider Directory empowers us to help our customers secure their local SWIFT-related infrastructure and put in place the right people, policies and practices in their efforts to avoid cyber-related fraud,”

Ioannis Chatziioannidis, Head of GRC Department, Odyssey.

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