Preparing for the 2018 European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC)

The talented winners of the Cyprus Cyber Security Challenge, which was organized by the Cyprus Computer Society (CCS) this summer, met on Sunday 30 September at the Odyssey Olympic building in Nicosia.

It was an opportunity for them for a little team bonding and lots of training in preparation for the 2018 European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) to be held in London on 14-17 October, where they will represent us as the Odyssey Cyprus Cyber Security Team.

Three volunteer trainers from Odyssey led the meetup and they happily extended their cybersecurity expertise to the contestants in the form of presentations and demos on web hacking and hardware hacking.

The trainers ( George Skouroupathis and Nicholas Kola) made sure to add to our contestants’ hacking prowess and maximize their chances of doing well in ECSC 2018.

In the spirit of the October Cyber Security Awareness Month, such events aim to promote collaboration, mindfulness, education and development in the field of cybersecurity as a whole.

We thank our colleagues for giving their time and sharing their knowledge, and we wish the Odyssey Cyprus Cyber Security Team the best of luck in the coming contest. May they make us proud!