Our Warrior Ship leads the way with the power of the many

Odyssey’s unforgettable 20-year anniversary celebration event

The year 2022 marked the twentieth anniversary of Odyssey’s successful journey.

Festivities to celebrate this hallmark anniversary took place on the 17th of June in two locations at the same time, in Cyprus and Greece, connecting Odyssey’s crews from around the world. The venues where connected via two-way livestream to share the vibe and excitement as Odyssey’s people celebrated their achievements and breakthroughs over the years.

They event commenced with light speeches by the directors, painting the picture around where Odyssey comes from, where it is, and where it is heading, as a company, and as a team.

Awards and recognitions ensued, signifying individual achievements, as well as commitment. Interactive games and mock awards followed, kicking off the party with giveaways, music, food, drinks and lots of dancing.