Odyssey will be at the most important event for Security Leaders in the Middle East

Don’t be outsmarted by Cyber-Criminals ClearSkies™ NG SECaaS SIEM with Big Data Security Analytics allows you to uncover IN REAL-TIME, suspicious attack patterns and security anomalies which would go undetected by conventional SIEMs.

Our award winning ClearSkies™NG SECaaS SIEM with Big Data Security Analytics enables you to effectively and cost efficiently, enhance your organization’s cybersecurity and compliance operations across the board with virtually zero up-front investment.

Our keynote speaker Mr. Sotiris Solomou, Data Scientist, will speak on Monday, October 31st, at 15:30-16:00, Room Luxor, about “Using Big Data Security Analytics to uncover sophisticated cyber-attacks which go undetected by conventional SIEM systems”.

More specifically, he will demonstrate how the usage of Big Data Security Analytics can give us an edge in detecting advanced Cyber-Attacks that would otherwise go undetected. In addition, he will illustrate the capabilities of utilizing statistical, machine learning and behavioral models.

Join us in Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit in Dubai, UAE, on 31/10-1/11/2016 to find out how you can protect your data effectively and cost efficiently.