Odyssey becomes the first Cypriot Company certified by Great Place to Work®

Regional Information Technology leader Odyssey Cybersecurity has been certified by Great Place to Work®  for creating a workplace culture that stands out by offering its people a commendable employee experience.

This recognition signifies how well the people of Odyssey walk in line with the company’s values and vision, as well as its innovative outlook.  It is worth mentioning that it is the first company to achieve the Great Place to Work® honor in Cyprus.

Great Place to Work® is the leading global research and consulting firm specializing in employee engagement and organizational alignment, providing certification and recognition to the best companies for their High-Trust and High-Performance workplace culture.

As many as 6000 companies in 59 countries, representing about 10 million employees go through this assessment process, every year. The world-recognized list “Fortune 100 best companies to work in America” uses this very same assessment methodology.

The Great Place to Work® Certification demonstrates how an organization invests in its people by creating a high-trust workplace. Through the Trust Index© Survey, employee experience is determined and organizational culture is analyzed based on the degree to which a series of criteria is met.

The assessment towards the Great Place to Work® evaluates the staff’s relationship with management, the staff’s relationship with each other, and their sentiments about their role. The areas examined through the certification process of Odyssey Cybersecurity were the degree of credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie in the company culture.

“At Odyssey, we are proud for fostering the kind of culture where our people can be part of the bigger picture, each contributing with their own way to the company’s philosophy, which is “Impossible Challenges, Possible Solutions”. We make sure that our staff members feel heard and appreciated, and we invest heavily in constantly developing their skills and knowledge. The critical work that we do helping organizations manage their cyber risk can only be achieved by taking the necessary steps to keep our employees engaged, happy and always worthy of our trust,” said Christos Onoufriou, CEO of Odyssey Cybersecurity.

“To be honest, we were very surprised when Odyssey was determined to go ahead with our assessment process, now, at a time when the business community, globally, has to come to terms with the COVID-19 crisis, with its unprecedented negative economic repercussions.” said Kyriacos Iacovides, General Manager of Great Place To Work® (Cyprus) and added “It demonstrated the company’s confidence that the emotions of insecurity and anxiety which, as expected, prevail amongst the majority of employees across industries would not affect the way the Odyssey employees, perceive their own workplace culture  as one of High Trust and High Performance. I assume that the internal conversation in Odyssey now, is an optimistic one, about looking ahead and how to leverage on this achievement. Imagine the value of this kind of mindset, during these challenging times.”

What Odyssey’s Great Place to Work® certification means for its customers is the increased employee satisfaction and engagement, which in turn transfer to low turnover of employees as well as better quality of customer service. Most importantly, Odyssey’s reputation as a solid workplace serves as an incentive for attracting top talent during a time of shortage of cybersecurity expertise.