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If vulnerabilities and weaknesses are exploited by threat-actors, they put the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data at risk, resulting in interruptions of your operational continuity, damage in your brand reputation, and exposure of your organization to financial fraud and legal ramifications.

Penetration Testing (pentest) is an ethical hacking exercise, during which authorized specialists emulate threat actors’ techniques in near-real scenarios, with the aim of identifying vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses in your organization’s systems, applications, networks, processes and people.

The aim of a pentest is to discover your organization’s cyber defense vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses before threat-actors do, giving you the early warning and insight to address them in time.

Why your organization needs penetration testing

Identify your actual security posture

Improve policies and procedures

Identify Weaknesses

Mitigate your overall cyber risk

Test new technologies

Align with industry security standards

Raise security awareness


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Odyssey’s IthacaLabs™ Threat Risk Assessment team provides over-and-above value through their Penetration Test deliverables, including usable recommendations on how to address each security gap and vulnerability spotted during each pentest. This is due to the fact that IthacaLabs™ involves Threat Research and Threat Intelligence feeds that help provide actionable step-by-step recommendations for your organization to effectively mitigate risk identified through findings.

Why IthacaLabs™

IthacaLabs™ is Odyssey’s Threat Risk Assessment team specialized in delivering Penetration Tests to top organizations around the world.

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