Identify vulnerabilities & configuration weaknesses before threat-actors do

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Everything you need to know to choose the right PenTest for you

Penetration Testing benefits your organization with up-to-date situational awareness of your cyber defense status within the scope of the expanding information-threat landscape. However, each service provider offers a unique blend of specialties, expertise and talent in the actual conducting of their Penetration Testing, as well as in their deliverables.

Learn the differences between a Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test, as well as the different types of Penetration Tests.

By downloading this E-Guide, you will have the clearly defined industry terms and high-level understanding of Penetration Testing, its implications, and how to choose the right provider for you.

Key takeaways from this e-guide:

Defining Penetration Testing and its benefits

Types of Penetration Tests

Penetration Test methodology

What to look for in a provider