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For more than two decades, we support organizations around the world to formulate and manage their Cloud & Information Security strategy to mitigate their operational risk.

By understanding your challenges and by remaining true to our longstanding “Core Values” and “Principles” of anticipating your needs and consistently offering cutting-edge innovative solutions and services, we have adapted our Advisory Services and beyond to assist you in effectively managing Digital Risk, which is Information Risk in the Digital Transformation era.

Our Holistic Approach

When you engage with our Advisory Services and beyond, you tap into the advantages offered by our 360° approach to Cloud and Information Security, receiving the level of assurance required to securely conduct your business in the digital era.

Each of the six pillars, both separately or combined, can provide you with the Solutions & Services necessary to enable you to manage emerging “Digital Risks”, in all operational aspects of your organization: People, Process and Technology.

Advisory Services and beyond

Odyssey’s Advisory Services and beyond provide a holistic 360° approach to cloud and Information Security designed to effectively address the digital risks posed during and after your Digital Transformation journey. This approach, which not only complements but also enhances your organization’s Operational Risk Management effort, delivers the level of assurance required to securely conduct your business in the digital era.

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Managed Security Services (MSS)

Odyssey’s Managed Security Services (MSS) are designed to serve as a remote extension of your security operations, essentially supporting you in maintaining your digital infrastructure in an optimal operational and effectiveness state, whether they are in the cloud and/or on-premises.

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Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Odyssey’s Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) services enable your organization to reliably achieve objectives, address uncertainty and act with integrity towards enhancing corporate performance and accountability.

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Threat Risk Assessment Services by IthacaLabs™

Odyssey's Threat Risk Assessment Services by IthacaLabs™ help your organization Identify, Quantify and Prioritize Vulnerabilities and configuration Weaknesses found in your mission-critical systems, applications, IoT, network and security devices, whether in the cloud and/or on-premises.

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Cloud Security

Odyssey's Cloud Security services assist your organization in developing your migration strategy through your entire cloud transitioning journey in a manner that addresses risks inherently present in such a transition, while optimizing your total cost of ownership.

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Integrated Solutions

Odyssey’s Integrated Solutions encompass leading state-of-the-art technologies, which along with our 20-year expertise and experience in the field, are tailor-made to enhance your organization’s Information Security and Risk Management capabilities, irrespective of geographic dispersion or complexity, whether they involve on-premises and/or cloud environments.

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ClearSkies™ Threat & Vulnerability Management Platform

Odyssey’s award-winning ClearSkies™ Threat & Vulnerability Management Platform is a unique tool that supports organizations to unlock the intelligence of their log & event data, delivering near real-time visibility into their security posture, and enhancing their detection and response capabilities.

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“Secure & Resilient by Design” ensures that procedures, controls and policies are built into the evolving IT ecosystem, enabling your organization to continually Optimize, Manage, Monitor, and Maintain your Information Risk posture.

Manage your

Digital Risks

While “Digital Transformation” is an opportunity of paramount importance for any modern organization, the increased complexity and dependency on the digital ecosystem results in a new and more complex set of “Digital Risks” that organizations need to address.

Digital Risks are divided into different categories and focus areas in supporting your organization’s “Operational Risk” management efforts.

Digital Risks


Cyber-Threats refer to the digital risks posed by targeted attacks circumventing organizational cyber defenses, leading to the compromise of sensitive/valuable data assets, as well as other attacks associated with service disruption, such as Denial-of-Service. To minimize the impact of Cyber-Threats, the ongoing review and assessment of existing controls and processes is required. The outcome of this process will assist your organization in assessing the reediness, resilience, risk level and response capabilities to stop, contain and mitigate targeted cyberattacks towards protecting the digital ecosystem from unauthorized access/usage. The effective management of Cyber-Threats ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your organizational digital ecosystem and digital assets.

Insider Threats

Perhaps the hardest risk to address is the risk posed by staff, partners and any individuals with permanent or temporary access privileges to digital assets, who process, store and analyze sensitive/valuable information. Such malicious insiders can steal valuable data or conduct sabotage through digital means. The aim of our Insider Threat mitigation services is to assist your organization in assessing your risk level and response capabilities while identifying potential insider threats, all towards protecting access to digital assets from unauthorized access/usage. Organizations must deploy appropriate processes and controls to monitor and audit behavioral data access changes of its human resources.


These are risks associated with outsourcing services to third-party vendors, including Cloud and other Service Providers. Vulnerabilities emanating from outsourcing, including loss or compromise of operational integrity, intellectual property, customer information, or other sensitive information, constitute third-party risks. Such risks arise from inappropriate controls and processes on the side of the vendor/third-party operating environment. To mitigate these risks, key controls must be implemented around data sharing, technology integration, operations dependency, vendor resiliency etc.

Focus Areas

Data Governance & Privacy

Risk pertaining to data governance and privacy refers to your organization’s legal and financial exposure when corporate and personal (private) data of employees, directors, customers or other private individuals stored and processed by your organization are compromised. Such data can be easily exploited by hackers to harm your organization or to misuse identities for malicious purposes.

The protection of valuable personal data is of paramount operational importance but is also poses a high legal risk as it is a heavily regulated area. The loss of data privacy is subject to hefty fines, and it can have a great negative impact on your organization’s image, reputation and viability.

Thus, organizations must be diligent in designing and implementing controls to ensure the auditing and protection of corporate and personal data across the digital ecosystem in various stages of its security and state lifecycle (e.g. in use, data in transit and data at rest). Key control areas to focus must be around data classification, data retention, data processing, data encryption etc.

Business Continuity

Automation risk, or operational information risk pertaining to business continuity, refers to the disruption of normal/expected business operations as a result of Cyber, Insider or Third-Party threats. The main motivation behind these threats is the hinderance of your organization’s operational capacity through temporary or permanent damage to operations. Those who stand to benefit from such attacks include unethical competitors, disgruntled employees, hacktivists or extortionists leveraging for ransom.

Inherently, Digital Transformation transfers a large segment of business continuity risk to the digital ecosystem. As such, all parts of this complex environment need to be assessed for their criticality to key business operations. Accordingly, they must be adequately protected and constantly monitored for suspicious and/or malicious behavior that can result in compromising or even hijacking business operations.


This type of digital risk refers to the risk of damaging events occurring when adopting a new technology and the potential damage caused by failing to optimize systems with which the security staff is not familiar. Generally, Resilience Risk emanates from the adoption of new unfamiliar technologies, and when there is a lack of sufficiently specialized and experienced human resources to effectively run, fine-tune and optimize them. In this respect, appropriate measures must be introduced into the Digital Transformation process to ensure that new systems are properly maintained, managed and configured. These measures should accommodate the specific needs and characteristics of your organization while their deployment should be seamlessly integrated into the digital ecosystem so as to not adversely impact it.

Compliance Risk

The introduction of new systems, technologies or processes that are part of a Digital Transformation process may introduce new legal or regulatory compliance responsibilities.  Thus, Compliance Risk relates to the failure of an organization to identify these additional responsibilities along with the legal, financial exposure this failure may represent. When adopting a new technology, your organization must engage resources and expertise to ensure that such responsibilities are defined, and that appropriate measures are designed into business operations, data lifecycle policies, and other operational aspects to ensure compliance. Maintaining good knowledge and compliance status monitoring minimizes the risk of compliance-related penalties.

Mitigate your Digital Risks and enhance your Information security and business continuity.

ONE Methodology

At the pinnacle of our Advisory Services and beyond is our proven “Cloud and Information Security” methodology which, while capitalizing on our two-decade long experience and expertise in the field, was specifically fine-tuned to address the challenges presented during a Digital Transformation initiative. 

Our Assessment process is structured to take into consideration both the nature of your business operations as well as your organization’s risk appetite.

  • Identify
    During this process, we help you “Identify” the risks threatening your digital ecosystem and operational resilience.


  • Assess
    We “Assess” the impact that such risk may pose to the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your digital assets.The outcome of the “Assessment” phase is ingrained in and reflected by our long-term experience in managing digital risk in your specific industry. The feedback and suggestions we provide are geared to help you towards making those difficult decisions pertaining to the effective selection of available Risk Treatment strategies.


  • Plan
    Through the “Plan” phase, we assist you in prioritizing appropriate risk mitigation controls and processes, and we help you identify the most efficient and effective implementation path. While we ensure that the risks with the highest priority are addressed first, we do not overlook incidental quick wins and other risk mitigation opportunities, which help you achieve the highest level of assurance in the least amount of time possible.


  • Implement & Monitor
    Our comprehensive Information Security and Managed Security savviness skill-set is put to full use during the “Implement & Monitor” phase.


  • Review & Update
    Once Risk Treatment controls, whether Operational, Technical or other, are implemented, we then “Review” their effectiveness.Based on the outcome of the “Review” phase, we may then suggest the “Update” and/or implementation of additional/complimentary measures, or the modification of existing controls and processes, to ensure that identified security/resilience gaps are appropriately treated.

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