Network Security


Odyssey’s Network Security solutions encompass state-of-the-art, leading technologies, which along with our experience and expertise in the field, are designed to meet and always exceed our clients’ risk mitigation goals. We are therefore in a position to provide the best-in-class, effective Network Security solutions to organizations irrespective of size, industry or location, whether their current setup calls for a large scale data center deployment or a solution over a virtual environment.

Security Policy Management

Managing security, network devices and policies has become a daunting task for organizations and system administrators to undertake. Due to the increasing need to ensure network security, demonstrate compliance across all business sectors and provide continuous documentation for auditing purposes, organizations end up facing highly complex, multi-device, multi-vendor and multi-platform environments.

Network Access Control

The modern workplace does not only include employees but also external personnel such as temporary staff, associates and guests who connect their personal devices to the corporate network within the workplace. Organizations are challenged in attempting to control this growing number of devices, which are not associated with a specific user or group, thus compromising the security and integrity of the corporate network.

Secure Remote Access

Modern business operations worldwide run on applications, from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and email to packaged vertical solutions and custom web applications. Therefore, immediate access to business applications and corporate information data from any location is a prerequisite for modern organizations.

Denial of Service

Traditional perimeter security, such as firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), are essential elements to a multi-layered defense strategy. However, these measures are incapable of protecting organizations from Distributed Denial of Service ((D)Dos) attacks.

Intrusion Prevention 

The fast pace in which malicious exploits aimed at gaining unauthorized access into systems and networks are developed necessitate the introduction of equally fast and proactive means of protecting valuable organizational resources.

Threat Emulation

The Internet has become one of the most important communication tools to governments, organizations and individual users. However, the cyberspace emerging from a vast number of connected devices over the Internet creates an opportunity for cybercriminals to exploit potential vulnerabilities in organizations’ security posture.


Organizations have traditionally employed Firewalls/UTMs (Unified Threat Management) as one of their primary defense component. Firewalls/UTMs act as gatekeepers between the Internet and the organizational network, or between different internal organizational networks and systems.

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