Meet IthacaLabs™

IthacaLabs™ Team

Odyssey’s IthacaLabs™ Threat Research & Assessment team helps you assess your organization’s readiness, resilience, risk level and response capabilities in stopping, containing and mitigating targeted attacks.

Combined Experience

Over 20 years of combined experience in diverse security areas, and with more than 1000 tailor-made assessments under their belt.

Threat Research & Assessment team

IthacaLabs™ has been a fully dedicated Threat Research & Assessment team for the last 10 years, supported by 140 consultants and engineers from other departments within Odyssey.

World-class security experts

The team includes industry experts with the highest of standards who constantly stay one step ahead of the information-threat curve, delivering high-quality up-to-date results.

Holistic Methodology

The IthacaLabs™ methodology takes a 360° approach to be penetration testing process.

Following the strictest requirements

Delivers high-quality service and results by following the strictest framework requirements of PCI DSS.

IthacaLabs™ – Beyond traditional penetration testing reporting

What sets IthacaLabs™ apart is the over-and-above value of their Penetration Test deliverables, that include usable recommendations on how to address each security gap and vulnerability spotted during each pentest. This is due to the fact that IthacaLabs™ involves Threat Research leveraging Threat Intelligence feeds that help provide actionable step-by-step relevant recommendations for your organization to effectively mitigate risk identified through findings.

Recent achievements

Bypassed CloudFlare SQL Injection Global Filter

Identified 0-days in several products

Obtain Domain Admin privileges in more than 100 assessments

Bypassed Microsoft ATP In Office 365 to deliver malware via email

Executed Data Exfiltration techniques in robust environments during red teaming exercises

Developed custom payloads and Social Engineering framework (custom Trojans communicating via HTTP and DNS protocols)

Prepared Hacking video for a Big organization presented to Board of Directors exploiting a serious vulnerability

Mentoring for several years the National Hacking Team of Cyprus in the European competition


Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)


IthacaLabs™ has you covered when it comes to identifying, quantifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses found in your systems, applications, IoT, network and security devices.

Ethical Hacking

    • External Penetration Testing (BlackBox)
    • Internal Penetration Testing (BlackBox/GrayBox)
    • Tailored Penetration Testing (BlackBox/GrayBox)

Red Teaming for Readiness & Resilience

Vulnerability Assessment

    • Vulnerability Scanning
    • PCI ASV Scanning Services

Social Engineering

Incident Response & Digital Forensics Ad-hoc Assessment

Security Configuration Audit

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