Security Monitoring & Event Management

The threat landscape constantly changing. Cybercriminals are now highly skilled, more sophisticated, and better organized and target-oriented in their attempts to exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your organizational network. Vulnerability Management solutions proactively identify, classify and remediate security flaws in operating systems and applications across your organization, mitigating the respective risk while ensuring your business’s compliance with mandatory regulatory requirements.


The consequences of insufficient Security Monitoring & Event Management of an organization’s security management process can range from unauthorized network access, compromised systems, data theft and compliance penalties. For this reason, organizations today consider Security Monitoring & Event Management as one of their most critical security management processes.

What we can do for you

The foremost advantage you enjoy when subscribing to Odyssey’s Security Monitoring & Event Management services is that you tap into our pool of experience and expertise. This collective human intelligence brings into the Security Monitoring & Event Management process the insights and tacit knowledge that are so important when critical cyber-threat assessments and decisions need to be undertaken fast and under pressure to minimize the exposure to cyber risks.


Enhanced 24/7 Security Monitoring and Event Management of your mission-critical systems, applications, security devices and communication links

Continuous monitoring of the performance and availability of your mission-critical systems, applications, security devices and communication links

Access to ClearSkies™ Big Data Advanced Security Analytics platform that provides Smarter Statistical, Behavioral and Machine Learning models, including User Entity Behavior Analysis (UEBA) capabilities for predicting malicious or misuse behaviors, which would otherwise go undetected by traditional analysis tools and techniques

Minimized Mean Time to Restore/Recovery (MTTR) capability by proactive identification of Internet-emerging threats and vulnerabilities

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain on-premises technology or to recruit, train and retain an in-house security capability

Freeing internal resources to focus on core organizational competencies while our team of experts takes care of your cybersecurity-related challenges

Continuous Threat Analysis and Correlation of log data, with real-time Incident Escalation

Access to Threat Analysis and Security Advisories issued by IthacaLabs™

Facilitation of effective and efficient regulatory compliance


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