Odyssey’s MS Streamline Your Threat Management Process

Our Managed Security Line of Services significantly accelerates your proactive Cyber-Threat Detection and Response capabilities, thus drastically reducing your “Detection Deficit” (time between breach and discovery).


Intelligently Analyze – Intelligently analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured log data. Rapidly detect potential threats utilizing ClearSkies™ NG SIEM.


Correlate – Perform first level analysis of the alert by utilizing the adaptive correlation mechanism which includes statistical and heuristic models but also a number of predefined intelligent correlation rules combined with evidence-based knowledge of emerging threats and vulnerabilities.


Assess – Perform second level analysis by assessing the risk of the alert. Use the Big Data Analytics and the Risk Engine to understand contextual information about users and assets, the threat and its risk impact and the vulnerability affected.


Mask – Sensitive information found within log data, such as credit card numbers, can be optionally masked to safeguard confidentiality.


Escalate – Escalate Alerts/Events which impose a threat to incident status and classify them according to their severity. Update the Incident Management dashboard of the ClearSkies™ NG Secure Web Portal and notify the customer through phone, sms, email and push-notifications.


Mitigate – Eradicate the threat if the customer has a Managed Security and Network Asset or outsourced type of contract.

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