Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Complementing our Security Monitoring & Event Management, Odyssey’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services focus on the prevention of targeted attacks and data breaches for which your organization may not be prepared. Furthermore, MDR services provide Threat Hunting, remote and local Incident Validation and Response, Breach Management and Threat Anticipation.


With an exponential increase in Cybersecurity risk, as well as the adoption of stringent regulatory requirements, organizations recognize the need for early detection and response to targeted attacks and data breaches. As attacks and breaches are becoming more elusive and harder to detect, they tend to have profound implications for an organization’s productivity, reputation, time and money. Therefore, organizations recognize the need for Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services to help them achieve their strategic security objectives efficiently and cost-effectively.

What we can do for you

Odyssey’s 24/7 MDR Services help you Predict, Detect, Prevent and rapidly Respond to Cyberattacks before it is too late. With Security Automation & Orchestration, and third-party SIEM integration capabilities, our MDR Services effectively and timely assist your security staff with comprehensive Incident Management throughout a cyber-incident’s lifecycle. Via incident escalation communication channels, MDR Services help you streamline your threat management process by significantly accelerating your proactive Cyber-Threat Detection and Response capabilities, thus drastically reducing your “Detection Deficit” (time between breach and discovery). Featuring constant feeds from Threat Intelligence on emerging threats and vulnerabilities, Advanced Security Analytics, and world-class Human Intelligence, Odyssey’s MDR team of experts has the tools and means to Monitor your environment, Alerting you on suspicious activity, even taking emergency steps towards responding to identified security incidents.


Effective Detection and Response

Enhanced 24/7 vendor-agnostic log data monitoring and event management for minimized Mean Time to Restore/Recovery (MTTR) capability through proactive identification of Internet threats and malicious activities. Powered by Threat Intelligence and User & Entity Behavioral, Predictive and Machine Learning Analysis for predicting suspicious and/or detecting abnormal behavior.

Cost Efficiency

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain on-premises technology or to recruit, train and retain in-house security expertise. Additionally, freeing internal resources allows you to focus on core organizational competencies.


Monitoring of the performance and availability of your mission-critical systems, security devices and communication links, as well as continuous Threat Analysis and Correlation of log data, with real-time Incident Escalation.

Security Expertise

Instant access to scarce knowledge, expertise, emerging vulnerabilities and threat intelligence 24/7.


Facilitation of effective and efficient regulatory compliance.

Peace of Mind

Focus on your core business and lean back, letting our team of experts worry about your cybersecurity-related challenges.


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