Co-Managed SIEM

A Co-Managed SIEM solution is directed towards organizations that are interested in obtaining an on-premises SIEM, or have already invested in one, and are looking to exploit its full potential by tapping into the expertise of a specialized Managed Security Services (MSS) provider.


Some organizations, depending on their structure and capabilities, recognize that an investment in an on-premises SIEM solution puts less pressure on them than the fixed operating costs of a full Managed Security Services (MSS) solution. However, many SIEM implementations fail due to lack of expertise, limited internal information security resources and lack of appropriate organizational structures. Moreover, it may be cost-effective to outsource the entire on-premises SIEM solution’s management, or part thereof, to reliable and specialized experts.

What we can do for you

Odyssey’s Co-Managed services maximize the value and effectiveness of a SIEM investment by supplementing your organization’s IT security staff with world-class cybersecurity experts.

Our cybersecurity experts can help you daily with log data analysis, alerts review, event management, development of correlation policies preparation of relevant reports, and incident management, ensuring the continuous enhancement of your security and compliance posture.

Additionally, Odyssey’s unique flexibility allows it to adapt to your organization’s existing operational structure, architectural uniqueness, hardware/software configurations, and even schedules, to provide ad hoc services or steady co-management of your SIEM investment.



Assess the current condition of your existing SIEM solution and configure to optimize on an as-needed basis, ensuring constant operational and security effectiveness


Exploit the full potential of your SIEM solution to address emerging cybersecurity trends and threats by outsourcing its management while addressing your organization’s specific needs, objectives


24/7 or ad hoc security device performance and availability monitoring for detecting operational issues that could impact network availability and thus affect businesses’ normal operations


Avoid recruitment and continuous training of highly skilled personnel on-premises, and avoid the fixed costs of full Managed Security Services (MSS)


Instant access to scarce knowledge, expertise, vulnerability and threat intelligence 24/7


Gain 24/7 access to ClearSkies™ Secure Web Portal for up-to-date information regarding pending tickets, health and performance status


Focus on your core business and lean back, letting our team of experts worry about your cybersecurity-related challenges