Professional Services

Help to make the most of your ClearSkies™ products and services.

Our experienced security professionals can address customer needs and security threats quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on the demands of your business. Professional Services offerings are designed to solve your queries and help to make the most of your ClearSkies™ products and services.

Cloud Managed Services

The continuous configuring, monitoring and duly managing of the cloud environment plays a significant role in your business’s ongoing operations, as well as in the protection of your organization’s assets, thus safeguarding valuable data and your reputation.

Odyssey’s Cloud Managed Services essentially operate and monitor your cloud environments while providing you with visibility and transparency.

Service Offerings:

  • Cloud Infrastructure Management
  • Cloud Security Management
  • Cloud System Management

Device Management

Your security technologies, when properly configured, monitored and duly managed, play a vital role in protecting your organization’s assets, thus safeguarding your valuable data and reputation.

Odyssey’s Managed Security Analysts possess vast experience in helping clients maintain their security and network environments in top-notch operational and effectiveness state.

They do so by keeping them up to date with the latest software releases and bug fixes, performing necessary configuration changes, and reviewing/enhancing their security policies.

Security Use Case Modelling and Adoption Services

A pivotal part of ensuring effectiveness and compliance of an organization to their regulatory requirements is the effective configuration of the SIEM product to assist in the analysis of the Event data and provide actionable outcome towards achieving compliance.

Odyssey’s SIEM Use-Case Implementation services help you analyse regulatory compliance requirements to design the approach by which to configure your SIEM. This provides valuable input towards achieving compliance, aligning with the business needs and risk priorities.

Log Optimization review service

A pivotal part of ensuring effective log monitoring and success of a Security Operations Center is the generation of the right Event data required for the security monitoring and the elimination of any unnecessary data.

Odyssey’s Log Optimization review services help you optimize the configuration of the security and systems to produce the data required for the security monitoring processes.

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