The threat landscape is changing; cyberattacks are evolving at an incredibly fast pace, leading to one new threat and vulnerability after another. To help them keep up in this dynamic landscape, address new threats as they arise, and recover from incidents before it is too late, organizations recognize the need to partner with a reliable Managed Security Services (MSS) Provider.

Designed to serve as a remote extension of your security operations 24/7, Odyssey’s Managed Security Services (MSS) help you maintain your mission-critical systems, applications, IoT and security devices in optimal operational and effective condition. They empower you to promptly enhance your incident response, forensics, as well as legal and regulatory compliance capability, for on-premises, cloud or hybrid IT environments, in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Through our ISO 27001 certified Security Operations Centers (SOCs), Odyssey’s MSS experts monitor and/or manage your critical infrastructure and assets around the clock, thus minimizing your organization’s exposure to targeted attacks and data breaches.

The end result: Reduced Risk, Enhanced Compliance and Minimized Cost.

Odyssey’s 24/7 MSS Predict, Detect and rapidly Respond to cyberattacks, safeguarding your Valuable Data, Productivity and Reputation.

Partner with us and enjoy peace of mind!

Managed Security Cycle

Why Odyssey’s MSS

Expert Support From Experienced Security Professionals

With proven MSS expertise and excellent client relationship management, Odyssey’s MSS team is a particular blend of passionate, skilled, system and network security experts with extensive education, hands-on experience, deep knowledge of emerging threats and vulnerabilities, and a plethora of professional and vendor-based certifications.

High performance and efficiency by leveraging the ClearSkies™ Big Data Security Analytics platform capabilities

Odyssey’s homegrown, powerful and feature-rich ClearSkies™ Big Data Security Analytics Platform provides User & Entity Behavior Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive and Machine Learning models, to enable the extraction of contextual information regarding users and assets for the prediction and detection of suspicious/abnormal behavior, which would otherwise go undetected by traditional systems.

Round-the-clock protection delivered through state-of-the-art SOCs

Odyssey’s Managed Security Services (MSS) span the whole spectrum of people, process and technology. They are delivered through world class Security Operation Centers (SOCs) that operate on a 24/7 basis, providing enhanced vendor-agnostic security monitoring and event management of your mission-critical systems, applications, IoT, security devices and user activities.

Managed Security Services (MSS) backed by elite Cyber-Threat Intelligence

With constant feeds on the latest evidence-based knowledge of emerging threats and vulnerabilities from Odyssey’s IthacaLabs™, our MSS experts monitor your environment and perform continuous Threat Analysis and Correlation of log data, alerting you of suspicious/malicious activities, even helping you take necessary steps towards responding to security incidents.


Comprehensive 24/7 Security Monitoring & Event Management services provide real-time visibility into your networks’ and systems’ activity.
This dynamic, real-time, continuous process, enables the proactive and efficient identification of emerging cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities, which could escalate to full-fledged cyberattacks against your organization’s valuable resources and information.
Furthermore, Security Monitoring & Event Management services drastically decrease the effort and cost related to meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

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Your security technologies, when properly configured, monitored and duly managed, play a vital role in protecting your organization’s assets, thus safeguarding your valuable data and reputation.
Odyssey’s MSS security experts have vast experience in helping clients maintain their security environments in top-notch operational status.

They do so by keeping them up to date with the latest software releases and bug fixes, performing necessary configuration changes and reviewing and enhancing their security policies.
They also monitor performance being vigilant for any operational issues which could impact networks’/systems’ availability and in extent normal business operations.

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Odyssey’s Network Management and Monitoring services keep your network devices in optimal operational status, by minimizing network downtime, optimizing performance and adhering to emerging requirements 24/7.

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Valuable data is the primary target of cybercriminals. This valuable data is located on or accessed from endpoints, making it the key target in the majority of the attacks.
To accelerate detection of and response to these sophisticated threats you need to understand the behaviour of individual components of a cyberattack across your organisation.
Monitoring endpoints accelerates this process which is essential to organizations’ overall security.
Odyssey’s ClearSkies™ NG Endpoint Agent complements the early detection and response capabilities against sophisticated threats, including Malware, Zero-Day and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), while helping organizations validate compliance requirements through File Integrity Monitoring (FIM).

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Vulnerability Management services, performed at regular intervals, proactively identify, classify and help you remediate security flaws found in critical systems and applications across your organization, thus mitigating the respective risk while enabling your business’s compliance with mandatory regulatory requirements.

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Hybrid Service Delivery Model

ClearSkies™ NG SIEM + MSS

Consolidating your cybersecurity management functions, regardless of responsibility ownership, allows for an asset-based Hybrid management model where the same console, ClearSkies™ NG Secure Web Portal, is used to manage both; assets you want to manage/monitor internally using the ClearSkies™ NG SIEM-as-a-Servise, as well as assets you decide to outsource to Odyssey’s MSS.

Odyssey’s MSS Streamline Your Threat Management Process


Intelligently Analyze – Intelligently analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured log data. Rapidly detect potential threats utilizing ClearSkies™ NG SIEM.


Correlate – Perform first level analysis of the alert by utilizing the adaptive correlation mechanism which includes statistical and heuristic models but also a number of predefined intelligent correlation rules combined with evidence-based knowledge of emerging threats and vulnerabilities.


Assess – Perform second level analysis by assessing the risk of the alert. Use the Big Data Analytics and the Risk Engine to understand contextual information about users and assets, the threat and its risk impact and the vulnerability affected.


   Mask – Sensitive information found within log data, such as credit card numbers, can be optionally masked to safeguard confidentiality.


Escalate – Escalate Alerts/Events which impose a threat to incident status and classify them according to their severity. Update the Incident Management dashboard of the ClearSkies™ NG Secure Web Portal and notify the customer through phone, sms, email and push-notifications.


Mitigate – Eradicate the threat if the customer has a Managed Security and Network Asset or outsourced type of contract.

Event Management

In the event that an Event poses a threat it will be escalated to an Incident status and the Customers will be informed through the following channels:


Push Notification on

Smart Devices & Tablets

ClearSkies NG Secure

Web Portal

Phone Call

from Analysts

ClearSkies™ NG Secure Web Portal

Gain control, transparency and Real-Time visibility of your security posture, your environment and activities through the ClearSkies™ NG Secure Web Portal, an immediate window into your security posture.

Real-time visibility: Provides real-time visibility of an organization’s security posture.

Highly Customizable Environment:  Enables users to customize their working environment based on their job responsibilities, operational needs and work habits.

User-friendly Interface: Enhances users’ experience by offering a user-friendly working environment.

Easy to understand your log data: The Portal’s working interface provides enhanced visibility and understanding of your log data.

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