“The broad adoption of remote working practices exposes organizations to a variety of novel cyber-threats and vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit to breach deeply, undetected and unhindered”.

The cyber-threat landscape is rapidly expanding due to the widening of organizations networks to include workstations and access points well beyond cyber defense perimeters. Due to its inherent characteristics, remote working voids many of your security controls and measures in place, and constitutes your workforce heavily dependent on reliable connectivity and systems availability.

This disparity between existing security controls and the unaddressed exposures resulting from remote working creates a cybersecurity gap that exposes your organization to serious risk.

Cybercriminals are now highly skilled and more sophisticated in their attempts to exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses, resulting in cyberattacks being perpetrated at a much faster pace than ever before.

Safeguarding your organizational network’s resilience, as well as valuable data, ultimately aims at protecting your operational viability and brand reputation.

Maintaining, therefore, your information security posture in optimal operational state requires 24/7 vigilance in the form of intensive monitoring and analysis of log and event data generated by organizational assets.

Odyssey’s Managed Security Line of Services uniquely integrates the technologies, methodologies, skills and experience to help minimize the risk posed by today’s sophisticated threats, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Operating out of our dedicated 24/7 Security Operations Centers (SOCs), and fortified by our strong knowledge and expertise in the areas of cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence, Odyssey’s Managed Security Line of Services functions as a seamless extension of your security operations. This is how we help you close the cybersecurity gap, and ensure that your security posture reflects your organization’s strategic objectives at all times.

Managed Security Services that stand out. 

Human Intelligence

Odyssey’s SOC Analysts possess extensive education, hands-on experience, deep knowledge of emerging threats and vulnerabilities, and a plethora of professional and vendor-specific certifications.

Threat Intelligence by IthacaLabs™

With the integration of different Threat Intelligence feeds presented in the form of “Indicators Of Compromise” (IoC) for both existing and/or emerging cyber-threats and vulnerabilities, we enhance your organization’s early detection and response capability to targeted attacks and data breaches.

Advanced Security Analytics

Our homegrown, award-winning, ClearSkies™ Big Data Advanced Security Analysis (UEBA) Platform provides in-depth User & Entity Behavior Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, as well as Predictive and Machine Learning models.

Security Automation & Orchestration

Provides the ability to optimize security actions across multiple incompatible vendor products in your environment. This way, information regarding imminent threats and vulnerabilities detected and/or identified is shared among such disparate products.


Odyssey Cybersecurity Security Monitoring & Event Management

Security Monitoring & Event Management

Odyssey’s Security Monitoring & Event Management empowers organizations to promptly enhance their detection, Incident Response, Forensics, Legal, Audit and Regulatory compliance capabilities and provides them with a clear real-time view of their networks’, systems’, users’ and applications’ activity.

This dynamic 24/7 service helps to proactively identify, thus respond quickly, to suspicious and emerging cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities, which could otherwise escalate into full-fledged cyberattacks.


Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Complementing Odyssey’s Security Monitoring & Event Management, Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services enable organizations to stop and contain sophisticated attacks and insider threats, for which an organization may not be prepared. MDR 24/7 services are designed to respond to the impossible challenge of keeping up with today’s sophisticated cyberattacks and insider threats, while at the same time providing real-time visibility into networks’, systems’, and applications’ activity. READ MORE

Odyssey Cybersecurity Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Odyssey’s Managed Security Line of Services is the answer to the Cybersecurity skills & expertise gap



Device Management

Your security technologies, when properly configured, monitored and duly managed, play a vital role in protecting your organization’s assets, thus safeguarding your valuable data and reputation.
Odyssey’s Managed Security security experts have vast experience in helping clients maintain their security environments in top-notch operational status.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management services, performed at regular intervals, proactively identify, classify and help you remediate security flaws found in critical systems and applications across your organization, thus mitigating the respective risk while enabling your business’s compliance with mandatory regulatory requirements.

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Odyssey’s Managed ClearSkies™ NG Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) is a 24/7 service. Utilizing User & Entity Behavior Analysis (UEBA) and File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), the EDR is a lightweight high-performing agent with no signature-based detection, which is able to detect and prevent malware, 0-day exploits and APTs.

Enterprise Network Management & Monitoring

Odyssey’s Network Management and Monitoring services keep your network devices in optimal operational status, by minimizing network downtime, optimizing performance and adhering to emerging requirements 24/7.


Co-Managed SIEM

A Co-Managed SIEM solution is directed towards organizations that are interested in obtaining an on-premises SIEM, or have already invested in one, and are looking to exploit its full potential by tapping into the expertise of a specialized Managed Security provider.



(ClearSkies™ SaaS NG SIEM + Managed Security Line of Services)

Consolidating your cybersecurity management functions, regardless of responsibility ownership, allows for an asset-based Hybrid management model where the same console, ClearSkies™ Secure Web Portal, is used to manage both; assets you want to manage/monitor internally using the ClearSkies™ SaaS NG SIEM, as well as assets you decide to outsource to Odyssey’s Managed Security Line of Services.


Whether you maintain an on-premises, cloud, or hybrid IT environment, Odyssey’s Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services empower you to promptly detect, stop and contain targeted attacks and data breaches before any harm is done.READ MORE

Streamline your threat management process


Gain control, transparency and real-time visibility of your security posture and activities through the ClearSkiesTM Secure Web Portal, a highly customizable centralized management console.

Odyssey Cybersecurity. ClearSkies Secure WebPortal

Real-time visibility: Provides real-time visibility of your organization’s security posture.

Highly Customizable Environment:  Enables users to customize their working environment based on their job responsibilities, operational needs and work habits.

User-friendly Interface: Enhances users’ experience by offering a user-friendly working environment.

Easy to understand your log data: Its functional interface provides enhanced visibility and understanding of your log and event data.