Integrated Solutions

Enhance your organization’s Cloud & Information Security capabilities

Odyssey’s Integrated Solutions encompass leading state-of-the-art technologies, which along with our 20-year expertise and experience in the field, are tailor-made to enhance your organization’s Information Security and Risk Management capabilities, irrespective of geographic dispersion or complexity, whether they involve on-premises and/or cloud environments. The end result is a secure, reliable, adaptable and scalable digital ecosystem, which not only meets, but surpasses your organization’s risk mitigation goals.

Featuring best-in-class Security Solutions

Our team of experts deliver to you Integrated Solutions that are designed to your needs, and are made from the most advanced technologies out there.

Cloud Security

Securing cloud services involves understanding what exactly is being secured, as well as the system aspects that must be managed. This includes keeping data private and safe across online-based infrastructure, applications, and platforms. We provide a complete bundle of technology, protocols, and best practices that protect cloud computing environments, applications running in the cloud, and data held in the cloud.

 Cloud Native Security Platform

Cloud Workload Protection Platform

Cloud Security Posture Management

Secure Access Service Edge

Cloud Access Security Brokers

Cloud SIEM

Perimeter Security

We approach perimeter security components as parts of a coherent security infrastructure which allows us to deploy them in a way that accounts for the weaknesses and strengths of each organization. Our vast perimeter security experience and expertise provides peace of mind for all organizations despite of their size or function.

Next Generation Firewall

Intrusion Prevention Systems

Web Application Firewall

Secure Remote Access

Email Security

Threat Emulation

Web Filtering/Security

Enterprise Mobility Management

Network Security

Our Network Security solutions encompass state-of-the-art, leading technologies, and are designed to meet and always exceed our clients’ risk mitigation goals. We provide effective Network Security solutions to organizations irrespective of size, industry or location, whether their current setup calls for a large-scale data center deployment or a solution over a virtual environment.


Privileged access management

Network Packet Broker

Multi-factor Authentication


Security Policy Management

Host & Endpoint Security

Endpoint security represents one of the first places organizations look to secure their enterprise networks. Our Endpoint Security solutions ensure that your endpoints remain free of infections that may impact your business continuity and brand reputation.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

User Activity Monitoring

Application Security

Application Security protects web applications from cyberattacks. Web Application Firewalls continuously adapt to evolving threats, mitigating the risk of online data breaches, preventing account takeover, and addressing regulatory compliance requirements such as PCI DSS features that take defense-in-depth to a whole new level.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Data Security

Our Data Security solutions effectively minimize the risk of data exposure caused in the course of using and sharing information across business work groups, colleagues and customers, while meeting your organizational policies and various mandatory compliance requirements.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Database Auditing & Protection (DAP)

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