Types of Social Engineering Attacks

As we kick off Cybersecurity Awareness Month, keep this in mind: Hackers are getting smarter, but so are we!’ This year’s theme is dedicated to the critical topic of Social Engineering, a pervasive threat to our cybersecurity. These are four most common social engineering attacks.


11 simple cyber hygiene tips

Cyber Hygiene refers to the regular practices, principles and processes that users of information technology can apply to bolster and maintain the health and security statuses of their computer systems. This approach helps in safeguarding your valuable information from threat actors who are involved in data theft, extortion, ransom, or simple systems’ sabotage.

5 New Exotic Cyber-Threat Trends For 2020

The third decade of the 21st century is upon us and technology is making large leaps that are almost impossible to keep up with. Staying cyber-aware is the key to safeguarding against ever-evolving cyber-threats and vulnerabilities. These are cyber-threat trends you can expect to see in 2020 and beyond.

Odyssey Cybersecurity Top 10 cybersecurity best practices for employees Infographic

Top 10 cybersecurity best practices for employees

Human error is the biggest weakness that cyberattacks exploit. Are you doing the best that you can to protect your workplace? Check out our valuable tips!

Odyssey Cybersecurity 5 types of cyber-threats you should know about infographic

5 types of cyber-threats you should know about

Cyber-threats today affect everyone with a computer or smart device. Staying aware of these dangers drastically reduces the chances of falling victim to them. Here are 5 main cyber-threats you should be aware of in 2019.

Top 8 SIEM-as-a-Service Benefits

Selecting a SIEM solution should be a function of organizational context, size and financial strength.
Next-Generation SIEM-as-a-Service stays one step ahead by addressing the limitations of on-premises SIEM systems while delivering considerable over-and-above benefits.

The infographic below illustrates the benefits one can expect from a top-of-the-range Next-Generation SIEM-as-a-Service.