Odyssey, Silver Sponsor at the Greek Scientists Society virtual Inaugural Conference

26th of October 2022


Odyssey, Silver Sponsor at the Greek Scientists Society virtual Inaugural Conference, participated in a Panel Discussion titled ‘The role of Cybersecurity for a Modern-day Society’, which took place on the 27th of October, 2022.

Odyssey CEO, Christos Onoufriou, joined a Panel Discussion about the strategic priorities that Greece & Cyprus should pursue for an Open, Safe and Secure Cyberspace. Mr Onoufriou signified the proper mindset of approaching cyber protection as a togetherness battlefield. He further urged the need for organizations to work together in sharing information related to cyber-threat emergence and response, this way collectively contributing to an elevated situational awareness in this new digital era.

Additionally, Irene Selia, Head of Business Development, ClearSkies™, conducted a workshop titled ‘Proactive & predictive threat management’, which explored the recent rise of cybercrime, and how it affects organizations’ operations and viability. She further delivered a live demo of the ClearSkies™ Threat & Vulnerability Management Platform, as she demonstrated its unique capabilities of proactively identifying and predicting cyber-threats.

The event relates to the Cyber Security Circle at the Greek Scientists Society, to which local, as well as international experts explored the role of Cybersecurity in today’s society.

The Greek Scientists Society recognizes the exponential advancement of technology and digitization, and highlights the importance of security in preventing abuse and dangerous criminal activity. Its aim is to structure our defenses against emerging threats by developing resilient strategies and institutional instruments.