Odyssey, in partnership with Microsoft, organized a successful event about Cloud Security

15 June 2023

T16 Boutique Offices

Odyssey, leader in cybersecurity, is excited to share the success of its most recent collaboration event with Microsoft, a major player in the world of technology. The joint effort concentrated on the critical significance of adopting a robust cloud security approach highlighting the importance of utilizing knowledge, expertise and the right technologies to anticipate, withstand, and adapt to emerging cyber-threats, reinforcing cyber resilience.

This event, took place on June 15 at the T16 Boutique Offices in Athens and brought together respected specialists, business pioneers, and enthusiastic technology individuals  from a variety of backgrounds, serving as a dynamic event for the discussion of ideas, challenges, solutions and new trends in cloud security.

Speakers from Odyssey and Microsoft offered their knowledge, expertise and vision during this event, shedding light on the future of cloud security and emphasizing its crucial importance in the evolving threat landscape of today.

The presentations began with Apostolos Pandroulas, General Manager of Odyssey Greece, Dimitris Poutouris, Partner Development Manager Recruit, Southeast Europe, Microsoft, and Christos Angelis, Partner Development Manager Recruit, Security, Southeast Europe, Microsoft. Both sides highlighted that the collaboration between Odyssey and Microsoft demonstrates their commitment to enhancing products, services, and solutions, enabling clients to stay ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape. Apostolos Pandroulas emphasized the significance of integrating Odyssey’s homegrown ClearSkies™ Threat and Vulnerability Management Platform with Microsoft Sentinel to provide customers with hybrid deployments a unified and comprehensive view of alerts and incidents. This strategic collaboration showcases Odyssey’s dedication to continuous improvement and its mission to deliver cutting-edge cybersecurity capabilities to its customers.

Constantinos Mourikis, Senior Advisory Consultant at Odyssey, offered perceptive thoughts on the cloud and its effect on cybersecurity. With the startling prediction that worldwide cybercrime damage will exceed $10 trillion annually by 2025, he underlined this dramatic shift from a cyber security point of view. He specifically highlighted the critical need to address the difficulties of cloud security when he said that 45% of breaches are cloud-based. He emphasized the advantages of consolidating security solutions through a single vendor, specifically referencing the benefits offered by the Microsoft platform in this regard. The speaker stressed the importance of having a strategic partner in cybersecurity as the Microsoft technology stack needs to be paired with the appropriate configuration/monitoring services that will ensure organizations make the most of their investment and reach the desired security posture. He highlighted how Odyssey’s and Microsoft’s partnership serves this purpose, as Odyssey, with more than 20 years of experience and expertise in cybersecurity, can play this critical role.


Igor Pavlecovic, Cloud Solution Architect SCI at Microsoft CEMA SE, in his presentation, highlighted the concerning trend of increase in data breaches and why strong partnerships are crucial. Microsoft, with a comprehensive range of security solutions spanning more than 40 categories, caters to the diverse needs of customers in multi-cloud and multi-platform environments. He further explained that the strategic partnership with Odyssey is part of leveraging their extensive partner ecosystem by strategically collaborating with the most capable and experience security partner in the field, for maximizing the effectiveness of its products.

Irene Selia, Head of Global Development, ClearSkies™ and Giannis Simos, MDR Manager at Odyssey discussed the importance of Odyssey’s homegrown ClearSkies™ Threat and Vulnerability Management Platform  integration with Microsoft Sentinel. Irene Selia explained the value of this integration which is the cohesive view of alerts and incidents for customers with hybrid deployments, as users can manage alerts from both cloud and on-premise environments in a unified manner, allowing for faster response times to streamline incident management. The full Odysseys SOC integration for a birds-eye-view data correlation and MDR services was highlighted by Giannis Simos explaining how Odysseys 24x7x365 SOC can provide a true MDR experience. Additionally, he emphasized the part our innovation team played in creating and overseeing the platform’s detection methods, assuring the ongoing effectiveness of security measures.


The event ended with an engaging Q&A session where attendees had the chance to ask a variety of questions regarding both Odyssey and Microsoft as well as explore the topic of cloud security. This interactive session provided valuable insights and fostered a deeper understanding of the companies’ approaches to cybersecurity and their commitment to ensuring robust cloud security measures.