Odyssey and TechIsland Academy Host a Successful Cybersecurity Workshop

7th of March 2023

Limassol, Cyprus.

Odyssey and TechIsland Academy, co-hosted an exclusive invite-only workshop titled “Build an Effective & Applicable Cybersecurity Strategy”, on March 7th at Parklane, Resort & Spa, Limassol.


The event focused on the importance of organisations to redefine their cybersecurity strategy in today’s hyperconnected world to become cyber resilient.

The workshop’s keynote speakers Stelios Charalambous, Head of Advisory at Odyssey and Pandora Tsiliki, Senior Cybersecurity Consultants, at Odyssey, shared their expertise about the new rise of a complex set of digital risks as a result of Digital Transformation, Cloud Adoption and Hybrid Working. The speakers also highlighted the significance of organizations to be aware of their Threat Landscape and Cybersecurity Maturity Level (CML) so as to develop an effective cybersecurity strategy.

Attendees, included business leaders and executives from various industries, actively participated in the interactive sessions and discussions. The workshop also provided the opportunity for networking and exchange of ideas and experiences.