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  • While technological innovations have immensely grown customer convenience, operational efficiency and commerce possibilities, they are not without their own challenges.

  • Safer Internet Day, designed as a reminder of the importance of cybersecurity education. While Cybersecurity is less likely to be top of mind in organisations that are not particularly technological, the rise in cyberattacks taking place the last few years and especially in 2021 , make Cybercrime a

  • With organizational data and sensitive information stored in remote locations via cloud services, cloud security strategies have never been more relevant. Migrating operations to the cloud is steadily becoming the norm for today’s reality. According to the State of the Cloud 2021 report, 92% of the

  • The past few years have given rise to the trend of cloud adoption and migration, not just for technology sector, but for every industry. Many modern organizations choice to conduct their operations via cloud services, either fully or partially. While cloud migration seems to be the right choice in g

  • With an increased dependency on technology and information, organizational networks keep broadening well beyond the confines of organizational cyber defenses. This wide adoption of digital applications expands the threat landscape, this way presenting malicious actors with novel opportunities to exp

  • Nowadays, with the increasing volume and complexity of cyber-threats, security monitoring and operations have become a necessity, holding a primary role in the Cloud and Information Management efforts of an organization. Organizations invest in the development of Security Operations Centers (SOCs) t

  • Organizations choose to fully or partially migrate their operations to the cloud as it provides resilience, elasticity, and a reduction in their total cost of ownership. The latest research shows that a staggering 83% of a company’s workload on average is projected to be stored in the cloud by year’

  • Chances are you have at least one contact who’s been hacked at least once, either to their knowledge or not. This includes malicious acts, from the theft of their social media accounts to the exposure of their banking details. And chances are that one or more of your personal data sets will, sooner

  • There is much confusion in the cybersecurity community about the terms “penetration test” (pentests) and “vulnerability assessment”, with both oftentimes being used interchangeably. When there is a miscommunication of defining security-related terms, there could be a gap between expectation and resu

  • In cybersecurity, every little detail matter. Each organization is different, with individual characteristics, and your cybersecurity needs are unique to you. This is why choosing the right service provider for your security solutions is key to getting the most value out of your security investments

  • Penetration Testing (pentesting) is not a mere compliance obligation. Its usefulness was recognized by industry leaders well before regulatory frameworks mandated them to simulate real-world cyberattacks. So, what are the benefits you can expect from regular penetration testing?


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