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  • Chances are you have at least one contact who’s been hacked at least once, either to their knowledge or not. This includes malicious acts, from the theft of their social media accounts to the exposure of their banking details. And chances are that one or more of your personal data sets will, sooner or later, be involved in a future data breach.

  • There is much confusion in the cybersecurity community about the terms “penetration test” (pentests) and “vulnerability assessment”, with both oftentimes being used interchangeably. When there is a miscommunication of defining security-related terms, there could be a gap between expectation and result, proving to be devastating for your security operations and compliance status. But what are the differences?

  • In cybersecurity, every little detail matter. Each organization is different, with individual characteristics, and your cybersecurity needs are unique to you. This is why choosing the right service provider for your security solutions is key to getting the most value out of your security investments. Since Penetration Testing (pentesting) is one of the most important cybersecurity services out there for mitigating risk as well as for complying with regulatory requirements, by which criteria do decision-makers choose their pentest service providers?

  • Penetration Testing (pentesting) is not a mere compliance obligation. Its usefulness was recognized by industry leaders well before regulatory frameworks mandated them to simulate real-world cyberattacks. So, what are the benefits you can expect from regular penetration testing?


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