20 years Odyssey: Working together to make the world a safer place

Dear Odysseans,

Odyssey…a journey into the unknown but with a clear goal…with knowledge, wisdom and perseverance as the only ammunition…boldness as the driving force. 

We live and breathe Odysseus’s legacy…

When we started Odyssey twenty years ago, we knew we were setting off on a difficult journey. We were delving into an area which most did not even recognize as a need. Yet, it was an exciting journey. We knew we were breaking new ground. We were paving the way. Armed with an innovative spirit and a set of core principles from which we never wavered, we set a course we firmly believed in: Working Together to make the World a Safer Place

We have been fortunate and blessed, because on this journey, we have been sailing along with people who believed in us and joined in on our exciting adventure. They are the loyal people of Odyssey, our “Odysseans”, with whom we have been able to achieve and surpass our goals. These are the people, who with commitment and devotion, have helped develop a continuously expanding set of trustworthy information security services.

They are the people who saw our vision clear enough, to help us build innovative products and services for which we received both national as well as international recognition. The recognitions are many. Starting from the international Data Impact awards, multiple innovation and service awards both in Cyprus and abroad, to “climbing” our way onto the world’s most recognized technology evaluation checkboard, that is, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, for our ClearSkies™ SIEM platform.

They are the people who have been casting their confidence in us, awarding us with the “Great Place to Work” recognition year after year.

We have been fortunate and blessed, also because, on this journey, we have met clients who believed in our vision and trusted us enough to take risks, giving us our first chances, affording us the lifeline we needed to expand and flourish. We are honored and deeply appreciative, because after 20 years, they are still our clients, while new are joining the ranks with every passing day. We maintain offices in Europe, Middle East, USA, and soon, in UK, and have clients across the world.

Thank you for believing and putting your trust in us.

We are Odysseans…we are daring, yet experienced and wise. We are innovative, yet taking calculated risks.

Our Odyssey: “Working together to make the world a safer place”, an ongoing adventure that allows us to dream, visualize, innovate, and deliver.  

Elefterios Antoniades CTO & Founder – Christos Onoufriou CEO