How we can help you minimize the adverse effects the COVID-19 outbreak has on your business

In the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, business continuity is vital for the survival of organizations and the economy as a whole. It is for this reason that organizations around the world are required to devise a robust and safe remote working environment for their staff to avoid disruption of operations.

For most organizations, it is a challenge to set up overnight and maintain a remote working environment, let alone do it securely to effectively manage the cyber risk posed by a widened cyberattack surface.

Since many of your staff members will have access to the corporate network, your business operations, valuable data, brand reputation and productivity are threatened by potential data breaches and insider threats that undermine business continuity and financial viability resulting from such broadened access.

More importantly, threat actors are now on the lookout for weaknesses, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations found in your internet-facing infrastructure as a result of hasty remote working implementations.

The fact remains that enormous and continuous effort, time and investment are required to maintain your internal organizational network and systems security posture, especially now with an expanded remote access perimeter.


“We can help you to effortlessly set up your remote working environment and address your 24/7 activity monitoring needs and security concerns emerging from this unprecedented situation.”

For almost 20 years, Odyssey Cybersecurity has made a name for itself globally for developing and offering a range of innovative solutions, services and products to different types of organizations that value their information assets.

Odyssey’s range of solutions and services and products adopts a 4-phase Information Security Continuum (ISC) with the goal of maximizing the effectiveness of our customers’ security investment, leaving no room for loose ends and weak links.

In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the relevant regulatory restrictions, we can help you to effortlessly set up a secure and robust remote working environment to address your 24/7 activity monitoring needs and security concerns emerging from this unprecedented situation, tailored to your organization’s individual circumstances.

We are at your disposal to help you assess and review your network and DMZ design architecture, as well as the effectiveness of security and auditing controls in place. The outcome of this assessment will enable us to designate the ideal solutions, products and services, including the 24/7 Monitoring, Event Management & Response to help you monitor your security controls, systems, network infrastructure and user activity over a widened perimeter.

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Find out how we can help you set up a secure and robust remote working environment in which you maintain visibility over user activity while keeping your business continuity and reputation intact in these troubling times.

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