5 reasons you should pick us for your cybersecurity needs

Choosing a cybersecurity services provider for managing your business’s cyber risk can be an overwhelming task! You need experts who will advise you towards the solution best suited for you, whether it is Managed Security Services (MSS), Managed Detection & Response (MDR), Network Infrastructure solutions, or other IT services or compliance consultations.

You’re not just looking for a seller of a technology solution. You are looking for a trusted partner who will be next to you along your journey, someone on whom you can rely on a stormy day, a team that has proven abilities and a plethora of satisfied customers to back them up.

We at Odyssey Cybersecurity are confident in our people’s ability to see their work through and always meet and exceed customer expectations, always timely and up to par. And our confidence is well founded.

Here as 5 reasons why you should choose Odyssey for your business’s cybersecurity needs:

We still have our first customer since Odyssey was founded in 2002. That’s 17 years and counting! This kind of loyalty says a lot about our solutions and services, as well as our customer support together with our community outreach.

Odyssey covers your cybersecurity needs from a holistic 360 standpoint. This means that you can enjoy a harmony of compatibility and interrelation between your IT security, network infrastructure, compliance and Managed Security solutions coming from a single vendor. The benefit is that a one-vendor cybersecurity outsourcing partnership is the capacity to avoid loopholes in solutions implementation, since a single vendor’s people are on the same team, not to mention they have a unified methodology, approach and service delivery approach. Enjoy the benefit of not having to deal with gaps in your cybersecurity infrastructure, or being forced to bridge communication between various solutions vendors, which can prove to be a waste of resources, not to mention a high security risk.

With our reputable customer support, we invite you to tap into our pool of experience and expertise that are vital when critical cyber-threat assessments and response decisions need to be undertaken fast and under pressure. This means that, with Odyssey by your side, you enjoy peace of mind knowing that cybersecurity experts are at your disposal whenever to provide guidance and solutions to emerging security predicaments that must be handled fast and effectively.

We help you minimize costs associated with cybersecurity management operations by outsourcing your cybersecurity operations to our world-class experts operating out of state-of-the-art SOCs on a 24/7 basis. The economies of scale brought by our laser-focused specialization solely in cybersecurity allows us to provide affordable and cutting-edge services and solutions that are second to none. Such capability, especially in the age of a cybersecurity expertise deficit, is next to impossible for organizations who don’t specialize in cybersecurity to obtain.

We enable you to increase your productivity by freeing your internal resources to focus on your core organizational competencies. By partnering with Odyssey Cybersecurity for your cybersecurity needs, you are essentially endowed with the peace of mind to dedicate our time and energy on what makes your organization truly great.

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