The OdysseyTM 360o approach to information security ensures the effective management of organizational cybersecurity risk.
Each of the six pillars of the services and solutions continuum, both separately and collectively, addresses the challenges posed by the ever-changing cyber-threat landscape in all key organizational aspects: People, Process and Technology.

ClearSkies ClearSkiesTM

ClearSkiesTM NG SIEM-as-a-Service & Big Data Security Analytics enables you to uncover, in real time, suspicious attack patterns and security anomalies, which would otherwise go undetected by conventional SIEMs. 

Managed Security Services

Our Managed Security Services help organizations gain real-time visibility into the activity of their networks and systems ensuring that no prowling cyber-threat, known or unknown, goes undetected. 


IthacaLabsTM is Odyssey’s very own world-class Information Security Research & Threat Intelligence Center. Operating out of our state-of-the-art Information Security Lab, our research team is a group of specialized information security engineers and researchers who scout the global Information Security environment to deliver a rich Threat Intelligence resource pool. This provides organizations with unique visibility into existing and emerging threats, and enables them to effectively respond to those applicable to their environment.

Network Infrastructure

Odyssey’s secure and robust Network Infrastructure solutions are crafted to assist you in enhancing the performance and the security of your organizational network, irrespective of its geographic dispersion or complexity. 

Information Security

Odyssey’s Information Security solutions encompass state-of-the-art, leading technologies, which along with our experience and expertise in the field are designed to meet and always exceed our clients’ risk mitigation goals. 

Governance, Compliance & Risk Management

Odyssey™ possesses comprehensive experience in implementing international standards in governance, compliance and risk management services, which are enriched with our extensive consulting and technical knowledge. Our expertise in delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity services is designed to assist you in successfully managing and securing your valuable information.



ClearSkiesTM NG SIEM &

Big Data Security Analytics

Don’t be outsmarted by cybercriminals!

Acquire ClearSkiesTM NG SIEM and enjoy unique, powerful features, which enable you to have real-time visibility of your security posture.

ClearSkiesTM NG SIEM is a fast, robust, scalable and flexible Next Generation SIEM solution, which provides real-time correlation of log data combined with evidence-based knowledge of emerging threats and vulnerabilities. This allows for the early detection of and response to targeted attacks and data breaches.



As the cybersecurity landscape constantly changes, organizations acknowledge they need to enhance the protection of their information and technology. However, safeguarding these security-sensitive business cornerstones in a proactive manner, is challenged on a daily basis. In addition, each organization has different needs when it comes to protecting their data and users, as well as complying with various mandatory requirements.

Odyssey’s solutions and services help organizations effectively and efficiently manage their cybersecurity risk. Characterized by our pioneering spirit and innovative approaches, we provide comprehensive services and solutions, which span the whole spectrum of people-process-technology. By providing flexibility and scalability, our solutions and services are designed to address your needs and challenges by helping you to make optimum choices under any circumstances, at any given time, regardless of your organization’s industry, size or complexity.