Line of Service Modules

The ClearSkies Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) SIEM is a cloud-based line of services, which combines a unique set of features, while its architecture is based on our proven security event management methodology. Together, they formulate a service, which places Odyssey at the forefront of the global SIEM SECaaS provider market. In addition, it is Integrated with BigData, intelligent security capabilities, thus bringing unparalleled performance capabilities to the platform’s Investigation, Remediation, Statistical and User Behavioral Analytics (UBA) features; vital aspects for any organization that is serious about its information security capability.

Analytics: Using BigData Analytics, we are capable of intelligently processing and analyzing large volumes of structured and unstructured data, thus identifying threats, which would go unnoticed by traditional analysis tools and techniques.

Event management: Our team of experts efficiently and effectively monitors, classifies and manages events according to their severity, enabling your security staff to delegate actions and responsibilities internally.

Vulnerability Management: Our ClearSkies portal is continuously enriched with evidence-based knowledge for existing and/or emerging Cyber Threats and Vulnerabilities.   We feed this information into our Analysis and Correlation processes, thus further minimizing False-Positive Alerts; this intelligence can be utilized to enhance your decision making process.
Threat Intelligence: Through our cloud-based portal, you are able to import results from different vulnerability tools, which we use during the Analysis and Correlation process in order to further minimize False-Positive Alerts.

Performance and Availability: We proactively monitor the performance and availability of your mission-critical systems and communication links.

Compliance: Through the built-in capabilities of our cloud-based portal, we provide you with the framework for understanding compliance behavior, since Information Security rules and regulations of the organization are the key to strengthening information security.

Dashboards: The ClearSkies platform delivers a host of fully configurable dashboards, which can be customized, to meet your users’ needs and work habits.  With smart drill-down capabilities, these dashboards allow users to have pertinent, real-time information right at their fingertips.
Reports:  We facilitate your cumbersome reporting responsibilities by providing you with the capability to produce predefined reports designed to meet the requirements of regulatory frameworks such as the PCI.  This built-in capability also allows you to easily create, schedule and produce additional reports based on your business requirements, thus further simplifying the reporting process