Re-Defining SIEM

Our award winning ClearSkiesTM NG SECaaS SIEM with Big Data Security Analytics* enables you to effectively and cost efficiently, enhance your organization’s information security and compliance operations across the board with virtually zero up-front investment. 

With ClearSkies NG SECaaS SIEM you will be empowered to:  

  • Significantly accelerate your organization’s proactive Cyber-Threat detection capability by:
    • Uncovering suspicious attack patterns and security anomalies in real time through ClearSkies Big Data Security Analytics platform which provides Statistical, Behavioral & Predictive/Machine Learning Analysis capabilities;
    • Achieving up to 95% reduction in the number of False-Positive alerts allowing you to focus on real Cyber-Threats
  • Safeguard the integrity of your log data information ensuring they can be utilized for forensic investigation purposes through data masking
  • Streamline your compliance processes and drastically simplify your compliance reporting
  • Have a clear, real time view of important information security incidents, metrics and indicators through smart, fully customizable, intelligent dashboards with the ability to manage them internally based on your incident management processes
  • Quickly respond to security incidents anytime anywhere through ClearSkiesTM mobile App

 *   International Data Impact Awards 2015 - winner Most Admirable Architecture award