Flexible Service Delivery Model

You can subscribe to the ClearSkies SECaaS SIEM  with virtually zero investment.

As a cloud-based service, it will put right at your fingertips all the functionality and resources of an intelligent SIEM system, while saving you the cost of investment and resource-intensive maintenance costs altogether.

To satisfy the unique needs, requirements and budgetary resources of organizations in different industries and of varying size, ClearSkies SECaaS SIEM can be offered in one of the following service models:


ClearSkies SECaaS SIEM - Standard: (Includes Analytics, Event Management, Reports, Dashboard)

This scenario is ideal if you prefer to perform the Log Review, Analysis and Event Management process internally and all that is required is an engine to facilitate the process. 


ClearSkies SECaaS SIEM - Plus: (also includes Vulnerability Management, Threat Intelligence)

This scenario is ideal if you need daily assistance for Log Review, Analysis and Event Management including continuous improvement and maintenance of your correlation rules set. With this option you can do Analysis and Correlation in order to further minimize False-Positive Alerts.


 ClearSkies SECaaS SIEM - Premium: (also includes Performance & Availability, Compliance)

This scenario is ideal if your organization is required to be in compliance with PCI DSS (Requirement 10.6) whereby you are required to review logs for all related system components at least daily. Customers, who select to subscribe to this service model, will receive a daily log analysis report indicating what is found and what actions should be taken.





Flexible Delivery Hybrid Model

SLAs can be tailored to meet your initial requirements and change along with your changing needs and budget.

Part or the entire services could be upgraded at any given time to:

  •  Managed Security & Protection Services and/or to
  •  Outsourcing Services and
  •  Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

This scenario is ideal for organizations with the need of 24/7/365 Asset Monitoring, Log Review, Analysis, Event Management for their critical assets, but at the same time wish to perform their own log review and analysis for non critical assets.


Click here for more information regarding our Managed Security & Outsourcing Service offerings.

Under any of the above ClearSkies SecaaS SIEM service models, Odyssey will install at your premises the appropriate Log Collector(s) (either physical or virtual appliances), which will support the automated collection of your logs. The number and type of the Log Collector(s) which will be deployed will be based on information you will provide us with, regarding the number and type of networks, systems and applications from which logs will be collected.