Challenges faced by organizations today

The ever increasing frequency, complexity and sophistication of threats and attacks on organizational networks, systems and applications, imposes a greater pressure on organizations towards enhancing their information security arsenal and becoming more proactive in facing such risks.   This reality however, creates an operational oxymoron, since the more extensive and complex the organizational information security arsenal becomes, the greatest the difficulty in monitoring it to efficiently and timely identify threats and attacks on the organizational resources. 

This challenge is further compounded by the fact that legal and regulatory frameworks exert an even stronger pressure on organizations to comply with, and report on stringent information security control measures.

To overcome these challenges, larger organizations have been internally investing in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) capabilities.  However, economic pressures, as well as the fast pace at which information security trends and threats are emerging, make the maintenance of such capability in-house, both expensive, as well as highly specialized and thus outside the core competency sphere of most organizations.

As a regional leader in the provision of information security and managed security services for over a decade, with hundreds of clients in security sensitive industries such as banking, insurance, energy and healthcare, we have been exposed to these challenges and have heavily invested in addressing them in a manner that not only meets current needs but is also flexible enough to evolve into accommodating emerging trends.


Addressing your challenges with ClearSkies SECaaS SIEM

ClearSkies Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) SIEM, successfully tackles these challenges by helping you achieve pivotal information security and business objectives including:

  • Functional Log and Event Management with clear view of your overall information security posture at any time.
  • Instant transformation of log data into information security intelligence, useful in making informed decisions.
  • Early identification of suspected or actual malicious events and the ability to analyze, address and follow up on them through a structured process.
  • Effortless preparation of both specialized as well as ad-hoc reports in no time, vastly enhancing your compliance and business decision support processes.
  • Enhanced knowledge of latest information security threats and trends by tapping into a unique Information Security and Threat Intelligence knowledge pool – Odyssey IthacaLabs
  • Accessing your service anywhere, anytime with ClearSkies mobile application available for Windows, iOS and Android smart-phones and tablets.