Unique Characteristics

What ClearSkies SECaaS SIEM will help you achieve

The ClearSkies SECaaS SIEM service is delivered through our home-grown service delivery vehicle, the ClearSkies SIEM Platform.  This user-friendly platform encompasses our vast experience in the field for the past 15 years, especially in the area of information security management services and incident response management.  It is a full-featured, powerful, yet flexible cloud-based Security Information and Event Management platform.  It is particularly characterized by the fact that it is a “live” tool, since it is constantly updated and enriched with the latest information security Threat Intelligence and other information pertinent towards addressing such threats; a feature which uniquely characterizes the Platform.   The ClearSkies SIEM Platform is geared to address the needs of organizations of any size, industry and level of in-house information security capabilities.

Through the ClearSkies SIEM Platform, the ClearSkies SecaaS SIEM service will enable you to achieve pivotal information security and business objectives including:


Functional Log and Event Management with clear view of your overall information security posture at any time

With ClearSkies SECaaS SIEM you will be able to establish and maintain a well-structured Log Collection, Analysis & Event Management process for logs collected from diverse networks, systems, and application assets on your infrastructure, which you consider to be of great operational importance.  This functionality will allow you to formulate a precise and in-depth picture of the state of your organizational infrastructure at any given time, while it will ensure that you may readily access dependable, non-tampered logs that may be required during a forensic investigation process.

The Executive Dashboard, which is part of the ClearSkies SIEM Platform, literally puts all required information at the executive’s fingertips in the form of Portlets.  Through a simple yet richly informative environment, it readily provides an easy to interpret helicopter view of the organization’s overall information security status and posture.  It presents meaningful business intelligence and analytics reports depicting real-time information across multiple security metrics.
In addition to the Executive Dashboard, the User Defined Dashboard allows assigned service users to create a customized environment using a combination of available Portlets. Beyond its many functionalities, this customization provides easy access to real time data relating to the monitoring, analysis, latest threats identified and pending incidents.


Instant transformation of raw data into information security intelligence, useful in making informed decisions

Effectively and efficiently analyze and make sense of the vast volume of log data collected from your network, systems and applications, transforming raw logs into intelligent, actionable information that you can utilize for making informed and timely decisions.

The Alerts and Incident Geolocation graphical capabilities, which are part of the ClearSkies SIEM Platform, are equipped with a drill down functionality that helps you easily spot alerts and incidents on a world map providing you with a pictorial consolidated view of alerts’ and incidents’ origins.


Early identification of suspected or actual incidents and ability to address and follow up on them through a structured process

Through ClearSkies SIEM’s sophisticated and continuously updated Analysis (pre-correlation) engine with Threat Intelligence feed, you will be able to proactively identify suspected security incidents and malicious related threats.  This capability will enable you to strategize and formulate appropriate and focused responses towards addressing information security challenges, as these are manifested.
The ClearSkies SIEM Platform provides you with a process facilitation engine which allows you to effectively allocate responsibilities within your organization and effectively manage and follow up on suspected or actual security incidents giving you full status view of each incident from identification through to resolution and beyond.

Unique to the ClearSkies SIEM Platform is also the functionality which allows you to integrate vulnerability assessment results from third party tools into the correlation engine’s operations thus providing you with a multi-dimensional assessment of the impact a suspected or actual incident may impose on your network, systems or applications.


Effortlessly preparing both specialized as well as ad-hoc reports in no time. Enhance your compliance and business decision support processes

The ClearSkies SIEM Platform will allow you to address time and resource intensive reporting requirements mandated by legal and regulatory compliance obligations, or internal audit policies, with the least effort and cost.  Through the Platform’s reporting engine and powerful drill-in capabilities, you will be able to design both periodic as well as ad-hoc reports giving you the ability to analyze data in a visual and interactive manner, while clearly exhibiting event data, aggregating trend analysis and highlighting specific compliance requirements pertaining to your environment.

The reporting engine of the ClearSkies SIEM Platform even includes a purposely-designed PCI DSS Compliance Dashboard.  The Dashboard is equipped with advanced functionality which includes a smart analytics engine, enabling you to understand your organization’s level of compliance against the PCI Data Security Standard at any given time, as well as an advanced reporting tool which allows you to easily and efficiently produce specialized reports required by the Standard.

Other pre-built graphical reports are designed to bring in-depth visibility into the security performance across your organization, helping Chief Security Officers and Internal Auditors to demonstrate security effectiveness and efficiency while reducing the effort required for compliance reporting.
The powerful reporting engine of the ClearSkies SIEM Platform will also enable your organization’s management make valid business decisions in relation to the organizational information security infrastructure investment based on hard facts and timely information.


Maximizing your knowledge of latest information security threats and trends by tapping into a unique Information Security and Threat Intelligence knowledge pool

Odyssey operates IthacaLabs©, its very own world class Information Security Research and Threat Intelligence Center.  Through the ClearSkiesSECaaS SIEM service you will be able to tap into the know-how, expertise and Threat Intelligence resource pool of IthacaLabs©, thus gaining unique visibility into the existing and emerging threats and trends in the information security arena. At the same time you will be provided  with the pertinent information required to enable you to effectively respond to such threats in a timely manner and in extent maintain your information security infrastructure in an effective state.

Click here for more information regarding the Threat intelligence & Advisory service offerings.


Accessing your service anywhere, anytime with iOS and Android Applications

ClearSkies SECaaS SIEM is supported by Odyssey’s iOS and Android applications, which allow you to securely access the ClearSkies SECaaS SIEM at any time, from anywhere.  Through these applications, you have visibility over your network’s security posture and access to useful information which enable you to remain abreast of new threats and vulnerabilities that might affect the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your information assets.