Cloud Services

ClearSkies SECaaS SIEM: Unleashing the power of the cloud

In keeping with our Values and Principles we could not but respond to the market trends that force organizations turn towards the cloud for a fast and cost effective method of addressing Information Security needs and complying with regulatory requirements.  Even though bringing together the openness and flexibility of the cloud on one side and the need for strict control required by information security on the other may seem an oxymoron, Odyssey did not fall short to the challenge.

The result is Odyssey's ClearSkies Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) SIEM line of cloud-based integrated security services. Capitalizing on our unique security expertise we have enriched our ClearSkiesTM platform with the tools necessary to enable organizations reap the benefits of the cloud without compromising the security of their information.

What truly sets ClearSkiesTM apart, however, is the fact that our platform offers much more than a useful technological infrastructure. ClearSkiesTM is enriched with the vast know-how, expertise and intelligence on the latest threats and vulnerabilities which come straight out of our Ithaca Labs®, transforming our service into a powerful information security tool in the hands of our clients.

But we did not stop there. Concerned with our clients' need to have information relating to their security posture, at their fingertips, we went one step further.   Our smart-phone/tablet application provides our clients, not only with instant access to useful log management resources, but also with real time alerting “Push-Notifications” for “Incidents Raised” or other malicious related activities, all in real time, all at our clients' fingertips.