Test & Assess

Our Information Security Continuum (ISC) approach starts with Testing and Assessing the organization’s information security exposure either at a technical or procedural level. This initial step helps in identifying, analysing and evaluating the impact that existing vulnerabilities and/or procedures may have on the organization’s information security baseline. The outcome of these engagements provides a basis for enforcing those security measures and guidelines required to establish a security framework within the organization, which directly reflects its risk appetite.

At this stage, Odyssey may assist you in defining the scope - and undertaking the execution - of a series of assessment exercises.  These may include system and/or network security reviews, network and/or systems infrastructure assessments, information security risk assessments and attack and penetration tests as well as other assessment engagements.

Following an appropriate information security risk management approach, during this phase, we will assist you in evaluating a list of risk considerations.  Then, we will facilitate a business impact analysis process through which it will be identified what assets need to be protected, vulnerabilities associated with each asset, their relative importance, and each asset's priority ranking for urgency and required level of protection. The culmination of this process will identify appropriate controls and measures, which should be enforced over your information assets, demonstrating security management due diligence.  Most importantly, this process will ensure that these controls and measures are directly aligned to your business objectives, clearly reflecting your organization’s information security appetite thus ensuring the maximum return on your information security investment.

Our Solutions Matrix depicts which of our specific services may be commissioned during this Phase.