Worldwide economic market conditions push organizations to further streamline their operations and limit staffing expenditure.  At the same time, legislative and regulatory compliance requirements expand, get stricter and more complicated adding to organizations’ operational fad as they have to keep up with relevant reporting requirements.   To effectively manage these otherwise conflicting pressures, organizations turn to outsourcing solutions to meet needs that are not part of their core competencies. 

Outsourcing information security operations such as device/network monitoring, information security log management and incident response is thus, a straightforward decision for many organizations. Maintaining a knowledgeable and appropriately trained information security team in-house, able to manage and monitor the organization’s information security infrastructure on a 24x7x365 basis, requires continuous considerable investment that most organizations are not prepared to make. 

Furthermore, organizations can leverage the information and reports received within the scope of an outsourcing contract to meet compliance-reporting requirements.  Be it required by internal auditing frameworks, or external legislative/regulatory authorities, such information relieves the organization from the operational hassle of having to constantly collect and process related evidence and prepares relevant periodic reports. 

In this context, leveraging our collective knowledge, broad expertise and vast experience, and by adopting a holistic delivery approach through our ITHACA Labs® and MSOS Portal, we have designed and offer a suite of Managed Security & Outsourcing Services (MSOS) which has earned regional recognition and acceptance and is fast developing into a regional flagship service.  Our MSOS services are designed in a modular manner so that you may choose the level of service that suits your own business needs and risk appetite, successfully complementing your internal resources. 

Our Solutions Matrix depicts which of our specific services may be commissioned during this Phase.