Monitor & Respond

As with any other business process, information security is not something you implement and forget.  Continuous monitoring of the adequacy and effectiveness of your information security controls is crucial to maintaining your information security baseline at the required levels.  Diligent, real time, log collection and review of your information security deployments and key network and systems components, enables you to effectively and proactively respond to security incidents, or minimize their impact in case they make their way into your network.  

Once at the Monitor and Respond stage, Odyssey will assist you in setting up a monitoring framework based on both Log Collection and Analysis tools, as well as supporting processes.  We will also assist you in setting up an Incident Response mechanism, which will ensure that arising security issues are being talked with, and that any remedial actions are taken in a timely manner so that exposure to the relevant threats is minimized. 

This is the stage, at which the value of information security investments becomes abundantly clear to the organization’s management, as they are able to actually measure the effectiveness of the organization’s information security deployments.  Information relating to vulnerability alerts, identified threats/attacks and misuse activity, as well as related analytical reports, are derived either from our Managed Security & Outsourcing Services platform, or via other information security management modules that may exist within the organization.  This information can be utilized to support management decision-making relating to strategic information security and investment issues, as well as for auditing and compliance purposes. 

Our Solutions Matrix depicts which of our specific services may be commissioned during this Phase.