Design & Implement

Building on the outcomes obtained during the Test & Assess phase, Odyssey will lead you into the Design & Implement phase. During this phase we will design and recommend to you strategies and solutions that directly address the risks and priorities identified during the Test & Assess phase.  These recommendations will be based on our conviction that being proactive and building a “smart” infrastructure, able to address not only existing threats but also emerging risks, is key to maintaining control over your information security baseline.    

We will define measures you should enforce internally e.g. establishing an Information Security Framework to ensure the Continuity, Responsibility and Accountability over the decisions taken in regards to your organization’s information security strategy and how this relates to your business objectives.  We will also propose and implement solutions which will address specific threats e.g. deployment of a Data Leakage Protection/Prevention solution to ensure the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your sensitive information. 

Most importantly, our solutions will be designed based on a holistic, forward thinking approach. We will ensure that each implementation is integrated both with your existing systems as well as other recommended information security solutions, thus affecting exponential returns on your information security baseline with every additional implementation.

Our Solutions Matrix depicts which of our specific services may be commissioned during this Phase.