Consulting - The Underlying Factor

Nowadays companies are under increasing pressure to meet regulatory and compliance requirements and to sustain high operational performance. Under these circumstances companies can no longer afford ad-hoc security measures.
To effectively protect intellectual property, sensitive customer and business-critical information/ data, organizations need to implement and maintain a comprehensive security framework, which is aligned with business objectives.

Throughout the different Information Security Continuum phases, business strategies change; operational needs are in a constant mode of redefinition and technological changes take place. This dynamic environment creates new challenges, threats and vulnerabilities.  As a result, in order to maintain the effectiveness of their information security baseline at the required levels mandates that organizations continuously adopt their information security strategy and infrastructure accordingly.  This requires the periodic revisiting and assessment of existing policies and infrastructure, as well as the assessment for new investment needs. 

As such, throughout the Information Security Continuum, we are on your side to consult and assist you in successfully meeting these challenges.  Capitalizing on our collective knowledge, experience and expertise, our consulting team may assist you in a range of decisions and help you identify suitable solutions. 

Our Solutions Matrix depicts which of our specific services may be commissioned during this Phase.