Our Service Delivery Approach

In an environment where business success is highly dependent on the interconnectedness of people, processes and technology, the business risk landscape has changed.  New threats have evolved which expose an organization’s vulnerabilities and threaten the security of its information.  Any business that values the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of its information should operate within a security framework, which is constantly evaluated and improved.

Odyssey’s range of solutions and services lay within a 4-phase Information Security Continuum with the utmost goal of ensuring that our customers maximize the effectiveness of their security investment, leaving no room for loose ends and weak links.

Information security management involves the development, deployment and on-going monitoring and review of a combination of Preventive, Detective and Response processes and controls. It is a cycle of iterative processes and activities where each phase feeds into the other so that the organization’s information security framework remains efficient and effective over time.

The logical cycle can be thought to be beginning with the Test & Assess phase during which the technical and procedural controls in place (or the lack of) are being tested and assessed.  The outcome of these testing and assessment activities serve management in making informed decisions as to what needs to be done towards closing the gap between the existing risk exposure and the organization’s risk appetite. 

This engagement leads into the Design & Implement phase where the additional measures and controls required to be put in place in order to minimize the risk gap are designed and implemented. 

The completion of the design and implement phase leads into the Monitor & Respond phase where the organization enters into an initial stage of steady-state operation of its information security infrastructure.  During this phase, the organization, capitalizes on its new information security implementations and enhances its information security monitoring activities to ensure that any threat alerts raised are quickly identified and effectively addressed. The monitor and respond phase tends to make evident to the organization’s management an important aspect of information security management:  The breadth and depth of expertise that is required towards maintaining the information security infrastructure in top notch state, as well as for identifying and responding to security incidents in an effective and timely manner. 

When management makes this realization, they tend to enter into the Outsourcing phase.  Organizations reaching this maturity level in their Information Security Continuum, realize that it is more productive and financially sound for them to focus organizational resources on their core competencies and outsource the management of entire, or parts, of their information security infrastructure/framework, as well as its round the clock monitoring, to a Managed Security Services Provider.

In turn, and over time, changes take place within the organization.  These may be internal, such as technological changes and upgrades or process related.  They may also be external, such as new legal and regulatory requirements, or new evolving threats.  These conditions lead the organization into another iteration of this cyclical process, as it enters again into a Test & Assess phase to ensure that the infrastructure in place continues to meet the organizational needs, and so on and so forth. 

Throughout this iterative process, Odyssey is on your side.  Through numerous challenging projects of varying size and required expertise, which we have managed in the last years in Cyprus, Greece and other European countries, we have accumulated vast experience with organizations in all major economic sectors.  Our experts, whether they are system/network security engineers, IT auditors, risk management experts or ISO/business continuity consultants, will assess your needs and offer their opinion, eventually presenting you with those options and recommendations that address your business objectives, are best suited to your organizational culture, and maximize the return on your investment. 

In the next sections we describe how we will assist you throughout each phase while our solutions matrix depicts which of our specific services may be commissioned during each phase.