Our Approach to Meeting Your Organizational Needs

We offer a set of unique value propositions, which distinguishes us from our competitors and underpins our long-term success.

Trustworthiness and Confidentiality – evidenced by our existing clientele and supported by robust internal processes designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information/ data and systems. Attesting to the fact, Odyssey Consultants has been certified with the ISO 27001 standard since 2011.

Strong business understanding and focus - We boast strong business understanding and focus, which is crucial in assessing your needs and implementing, customized solutions which successfully address them.  We also have extensive experience working with organizations in highly regulated industries, assisting them in effectively addressing their regulatory and legal responsibilities and requirements.

Core Security and Risk Management skills - We live in an age where irrespective of organizational complexity, size, or geography, no business can afford to ignore the opportunities and the inevitable risks that are present in extending internal networks through the Internet.  Our demonstrable technological and other core IT Security, Information Security and Risk Management skills, enable us to effectively address the critical security, performance, and scalability issues arising from the opening up of internal networks and the growing use of the Internet as a business tool.

Managed Security & Outsourcing Services - Capitalizing on our extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of IT Security and Risk Management and in conjunction with our Ithaca Labs® operations and research, we have developed and operate a state of the art Managed Security & Outsourcing Services Center with a fast growing international reputation.  Operating on a 24x7x365 basis, our MSOS center monitors and responds to the latest network, systems and application attacks/miss-use, through a cutting-edge technology management platform. This ensures that our clients’ infrastructures are maintained in a top notch condition and effectiveness state, taking the headache of maintaining an up-to-date, IT Security infrastructure out of our clients’ minds and into our experienced, capable hands. 

People, Process and Technology - Information Security does not operate in a vacuum. Our approach to delivering solutions that will work for your organization and bring real value to your Information Security investment, successfully addresses the critical interdependency between People, Processes and Technology ensuring that there is no weak link in your business environment.

Ithaca Labs® - The heart of our business; Since its inception, Odyssey has been strategically investing in and developing its own core information security research capability.  Operating out of our state of the art, ISO certified, Information Security Lab, our research team is a group of specialized information security engineers and researchers who scout the global IT Security environment with a two-fold mission; Remaining abreast of, and evaluating emerging information security trends and technologies, and identifying, analyzing, assessing and responding to emerging information security threats.

Remaining abreast of, and evaluating emerging information security trends and technologies – as information security technology environment evolves and changes, our experts at Ithaca Labs® constantly work towards identifying and understanding these changes.  Capitalizing on this overall technology environment understanding, they issue relevant advisories and white papers.  These deliverables, comprise the major seed for our, as well as our clients’ security development efforts, giving us a head start on effectively tackling new security challenges and opportunities. 

Identifying, analyzing, assessing and responding to emerging information security threats – tens of new vulnerabilities, internet threats and “Zero-Day” exploits emerge on a daily basis. Our Ithaca Labs® experts constantly analyze and evaluate these security challenges to determine what security implications may have on existing security and network technologies, as well as business applications.

These on-going research and development efforts help us remain abreast of new technology-led business risks and enable us to proactively design and enforce effective counter measures.  These counter measures may take the form of network/system application and security device reconfiguration of components managed under our Managed Security & Outsourcing Services, or the development of new information security solutions.  All the while, the Ithaca Labs® team directly assists our clients by issuing relevant Security Advisories.  These Security Advisories include Impact Analysis, Risk Level and Threat Mitigation, enhancing our clients’ internal IT and security teams in taking relevant compensatory measures.

Building on this knowledge and expertise, Ithaca Labs® deliver a range of assessment and assurance services including:

Formal partnerships with leading international Information Security vendors - which enable us to continuously, update our expertise through access to product-specific knowledge, training and technical support.

Large Account Management Program – We have established a formal account management program, modeled on highly effective approaches, which facilitates our business processes towards successful relationship management, business need identification, customized solution design, and proactive knowledge and idea sharing with our key clients.

Focus to delivery - Our approach to successful and timely deployment involves using a hybrid of several leading project management techniques, based on PRINCE2 methodology. Depending on the scope of the project, we scale our project management services to the need of the project and organizational context. Via daily reviews of the solution requirements and a strong periodic communication and reporting framework, we guarantee the complete and timely delivery to the customer. The Project Team provides a single point of responsibility, accountability and management as well as a Quality Assurance, which ensures that the solution meets all agreed functional, non-functional, and quality requirements. This approach, integrated with our project management experience and extensive technical knowledge, ensures that the solution is delivered within the agreed timelines and follows the most appropriate and cost effective methods, standards, and procedures.